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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The locker-falls-on-kid-in-Bridgeport story was on Fox 4 News last night. (Video). I'm surprised school administrators talk to the press so freely about it. Edit: Whoever gave the hot legal opinion in the comments, you're wrong. There is limited immunity, but not in the way you state.
  • I've never experienced a White Christmas. And I've never experienced a Christmas Day outside of Wise County.
  • Did you see the guy named Kenneth Bain testifyduring his trial before a judge in his accidentally killing two cyclists with his car? I felt sorry for the guy. He received 2 years in a state jail in one case followed by 10 years of probation in the other.
  • The case had some problems: Although the defendant had marijuana in his system, his blood alcohol level was only .05. Edit: A commentor tried to school me on retrograde extrapolation. Sorry, hoss, it ain't that easy.
  • The judge did something interesting: Since he had the right to access 180 extra days in jail as a condition of the probation, he broke that down to 18 days a year to be served, in part, around the birthdays of the victims.
  • A camera's megapixel capacity doesn't seem to be a big selling point anymore.
  • I've got a female friend who traveled last night to Vail where she will spend three nights alone in a nice cabin until her family arrives. I'm envious.
  • Heck of a tanker truck fire on the tollway last night. (Amateur video which always seems better than professional video).
  • I've not seen one crazy and unstable Santa-giving-the-baby-Jesus a present yard display this year. That makes me sad.
  • I've got a case that involves three Wise County DPS troopers, three arrests, and firetruck and ambulance personnel who were called out to check on one of the arrested folks when he became light headed. And what crime prompted this massive taxpayer expenditure: A misdemeanor amount of marijuana.
  • The indictment referenced in today's Update happened a week ago.
  • For Ticket fans only.
  • Only nine death sentences in Texas this year. What? Are we no longer barbarians?
  • Why can't wallets and purses come with cheap GPS tracking devices to locate them if lost? Note to self: Patent that.
  • Bad Metroplex Police: Alleged-intoxicated-manslaughter-cop and provide-alcohol-to-minors-and-watch-porn cop.
  • Update on my "not guilty" prediction in a Tarrant County murder trial: The jury has not reached a decision after nine hours. They reconvene today. Edit: Verdict reached. Prediction = Fail.
  • This has been criminal news intensive.
  • Is there a word that describes when-I-do-this-with-hyphens?