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Anonymous said...

You want a crime!

How about the Fleecing done by the legislature when it deregulated electricity!

Who lead the charge?

How much money has it cost Texans?

How much has it cost Wise County Taxpayers!

At least the industry donates and supports the re-election of those who helped pad their wallets!

The Fort Worth Star Telegram article about the high cost of electricity in Texas should create a stir.

Fat Chance!

People are too Stupid!

Just pay the bill!

Pay more!

Pay more!

Anonymous said...

You want a crime? Just wait till Obammy gets Cap and Trade passed. Even he admits that electric bills will skyrocket. How's that hope and change workin for ya?

Anonymous said...

The Deregulation of Electricity was a major crime!

The people are paying but too dumb to do anything about it.

Who pushed for Deregulation?

Do they have the guts to admit it?

We are all poorer due to it!

Anonymous said...

I believe that Phil King was the State Representative who really pushed for Deregulation of Electricity.

The premise was it would save dollars for everyone.

The jury is still out on this one!

soz said...

someone threw a hamburger at me once as i was walking home from UNT to my apartment. beaned the hell out of me - leaving a mustard stain on my shirt, even. regardless of the nature of the "crime", i really felt oddly violated and wanted to report it, but just couldn't bring myself to do it knowing that i would wind up in the denton crime blotter...

over three years later, i'm obviously still struggling with the trauma of the event...

Anonymous said...

You want a Crime...You should have seen my Damn Golf game yesterday after all the cold weather and not

Anonymous said...

You want crime? Move to Chicago, New Orleans or Detroit. All liberal weenie strongholds.

Anonymous said...

300 Block of W. Main St. - There were reports of a missing person on Friday from a local law firm. A second call said, nevermind, if the person in question is missing, we hope he stays missing.

Double Fake Bro....uh....JOHN Smith