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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Crazy Baylor student suicide attempt.
  • Wallet missing: Day Five. I'm officially suspending the search.
  • Random question: If a web site asks for a credit card, can you use your debit card if it has a Visa or Mastercard logo on it? Hotel reservations work the same way?
  • I saw a movie advertised as the "the winner of three Golden Globe nominations." Can you "win" a "nomination"?
  • My cheek twitch ratcheted up yesterday and then suddenly stopped. I almost got concerned.
  • Westlake guys were fired for playing Fantasy Football? The official reason was "it's gambling." A better reason would have been: "Company time waste."
  • Whenever I see a story like that I wonder if the company was just looking for an excuse to can someone.
  • I don't think the jungle house that I'm staying in in Costa Rica has air conditioning. This will be interesting.
  • I walked around the North Texas campus during a break in the seminar on Friday. I think finals were about to begin and everyone seemed tense. It made me tense.
  • I really don't think I consider anyone my enemy. There may be people that really don't like me, but the feeling is not mutual.
  • I got a little emotional near the end of the half marathon. It was a combination of "I can actually do this!" vs. "There will come a day when I won't be able to do this." It made me appreciate the moment.
  • No one, and I mean no one, has any earthly idea as to the impact of the details of the health care reform bill.
  • I'm surprised there aren't more "group societies" in America. You know, a group of folks that just say "screw it all", move into a group setting on private land, grow their own food, educate their own children, and are otherwise self-sufficient. Maybe the Amish have it right after all.
  • There's a huge new Academy Sports store at 377 and North Tarrant Parkway.
  • Hot jury prediction on a Fort Worth case that I haven't followed closely enough to make a prediction on: Not Guilty.


Kenzi @Mackland Diaries said...

That Academy Sports has been open for about 6 months or so now. North Tarrant has has been getting a lot of stores/shops. I enjoy shopping in that area now.

And too answer your question, yes your debit card can be used like a credit card online.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can use your debit card as a credit card. All works the same way. Do it all the time. Even for hotel reservations.

Anonymous said...

Hey BG, anytime you see a feed from Bostonon the right side of the page, that is your friends in Westlake. We love the blog, but the Fantasy Football issue is a clearly stated policy we get emailed on about 4 or 5 times a year. We also get emails on gifting, March Madness and Baseball. Anytime you would like discuss how this bitter idiot that literally ruined his career by this, just ask us. We would be happy to clear things up. And the SEC and NASD do consider it gambling.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, dumb prosecution theory on the FW murder case--she "intentionally" shot him. Duh--in self-defense you usually "intentionally" defend yourself.

wordkyle said...

Debit card/credit card - Can be used the same, but there are differences.

I agree with you that no one knows for sure what the effects of the Democrat health care legislation will be. Moreover, I don't believe any one person knows every detail of either bill. All the more reason for it not to pass. The only thing we know for sure is that it's going to cost our grandchildren a lot of money. It's insane for anyone to try to "overhaul" something when they can't know the effects of their actions. Healthcare needs improvement, but any government action should be slow, careful and incremental as we see the effects of each step. That's called a conservative approach.

(All of the above applies to "global warming" also.)

Anonymous said...

Barry, your comment on the crazy relationship murder trial jogged a memory from long ago. What ever happened to Pamela Fielder? Talk about a strange relationship when she shot her ob/gyn doctor husband. Very strange people.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Agreed on Fort Worth case. Waste of time. He needed killing. She might too.

Anonymous said...

Be careful about using your debit card for hotel reservations and car rentals - they 'authorize' an amount different than your total cost (sometimes double) to account for possible damage etc.

If you're like me and keep your cash in a higher yielding savings account and do the 'money transfer' shuffle for purchases, it could create a problem if you're not expecting it and you have something hit while you've got a 'hold' on the excess amount.

Provided you account for the additional sum and you've got the excess available in your checking account, then using your debit card is ok :)

Just a Regular Guy said...

As a former Fidelity employee, I can tell you that they do not play around with ANY type of gambling. Back in earlier this decade they fired a Director and about 20 people that worked for him for doing a March Madness pool. If Fidelity catches you, your gone. Their policies are clear and if these guys didn't know them they should have. I do feel bad for him though...other companies are not NEARLY as restrictive.

Denney Crane said...

No one knows he impact of the details of the health reform bill because they keep changing it.

A reasoning mind can use the historical actions of our government by looking at numerous failing programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to deduce that this bill will be nothing different than what they are already doing.

One can also use reason and deduction by looking at those who already implement universal health and see how the program works for them.

And finally, one may use the President's own words to see that all his promises of certain parts of the bill are not going to happen. Especially the part where he said there will be NO EARMARKS.

But, I would be willing to make a wager with anyone, and put the money in escrow if they think I'm wrong and want to back up their position.

Anonymous said...

The Wise County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit made five arrests Tuesday after serving a narcotics search warrant at 114 Paradise Canyon Circle. Officers discovered approximately 62 grams of methamphetamine and $2,877 in cash. Kelly Keith, Steven Seymore, Julia Torres, Roy Stump and Timothy Stump were arrested for possession of a controlled substance, four to 200 grams, with intent to deliver.

YIPEEEEE! Our neighborhood has been cleaned of the nasty trash at the "Y----" Compound.

My only regret is that I didn't get to see it happen. Darn It!

Anonymous said...


House of R and R said...

You’re at the age BG where it’s OK to wear one of those hats with a built in fan and water mister for the “NO” air conditioning problem in the Jungle Love Hut. Add some Bermuda shorts, argyle socks and dress shoes to complete the look and SHAZAM everyone that sees you will simply stand back in Ahhhhhh at your fashion sense.


Anonymous said...

Picture WOW
who's looking at the face.

Anonymous said...

The only people that know what is in the health care bills are the slip and fall lawyers that were hired to write it. Does anyone in their right mind actually think some peabrained liberal weenie politician sat down and wrote a 2000 page bill that nobody can understand except a team of lawyers? How cool was it yesterday when Bernie Sanders tried to slip a 700 page amendment in and the Republican from Oklahoma demanded that it be read?

Ptr. Jack said...

Impact of the health care bill? Reminds me of my favorite FAR SIDE cartoon. Cave couple standing by cave; plumber caveman squatting, looking in hole in the ground with pipe wrench laying nearby. Plumber says, "This won't be cheap!"

Anonymous said...

Denny, perhaps to you Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are failures.

For me and my husband, they are survival. Social Security makes a monthly deposit that amounts to two thirds of our income. The rest comes from a retirement fund. Out of that, we pay four hundred and thirty dollars for supplemental insurance which goes up at each birthday, and the fixed income stays the same.

Without SS and Medicare we would be financially ruined. We are both seventy plus, so don't suggest we go out and get a job.

Don't lump everybody into the same category. There are a lot of senior citizens and others who are barely making it financially every month.

I sincerely hope you will always be independently wealthy, so you won't have to ever accept government help.

Truly I do.

Maybe we can win the lottery so we can join the ranks of the wealthy. Right now, we can afford a two dollar scratch off once or twice a week.


Anonymous said...

Using a debit card for hotel reservations and incidental expenses can vary from hotel to hotel. If a card is used to prepay a room and the charge is debited immediately, all the hotels will except the card. If a debit card is used to guaranty a reservation most hotels will put a hold on the amount needed to cover the amount of the room, some adding a percentage on top of that. Using a card for incidental expenses (parking, room service, phone, internet and mini bar) in a room is trickier. Some low and moderate hotels will "Ping" the account for a small amount just to be sure the account is active. Most of the moderate to expensive hotels will put an amount on hold, some as much as $500 a day. The unused portion of that will be re-credited back to the account but it can take as much as 2 weeks.
This is from someone who spends as many a 240 days a year in other peoples beds.

Anonymous said...

There is no way I'd invest a dime in a financial institution where I knew they were gambling. Fire them all!

Denney Crane said...

Dear 11:18 AM

When government programs are broke, then it's a failure. It may still operate, but it won't forever.

When China, India and the Middle East shut down our line of credit, it will take $500 for a tank of gasoline; $40 for a loaf of bread, ect. How will you survive then?

I don't know one single person under 50 that plans to depend on Social Security or Medicare to provide their living if they retire. Would you?

I don't begrudge you one dollar of what you receive because you paid for those benefits. You will find, as they cut Medicare and cut cost of living increases, our government is incapable of running a whore house on a Naval base.


Anonymous said...

Maybe there can be some clarity on the gambling issue. My understanding was that he was doing this at home and not at the work place. The company still has a NO GAMBLING policy, but, would that cover you playing fantasy football home....on your own time....on your own computer?????
Wouldn't seem right if that IS the case.......most of us would be fired.

Anonymous said...

It has become more important to Obama that ANY health care bill get passed rather than a good one. It has all come down to his ego with no regard for good governance.If that doesn't scare you I can guarantee your life is about to get worse rather than better. You idiot Obama worshippers are ruining this country.

Thanks a lot, Butt-Head

wordkyle said...

1118 - I'm glad you are taken care of. Your post reminds me of someone with a black eye who's grateful for an ice pack handed to them by the person who punched them. How much better could you provide for yourselves today if you hadn't had so much taken out of your paychecks over the years by the government to whom you are now so grateful for what they choose to dole out to you?

The Democrat plan appears to be to create a problem and then make you pay them (or give them total control over your life) to fix it.

Anonymous said...

"group societies" Didn't some folks try something lke that in west Texas?

Anonymous said...

Well, Denny, as the old woman who posted at 11:18, perhaps I should become a prostitute and move up to Washington to work. Then I could get off SS and Medicare!....(pretty disgusting thought isn't it?).....:-)

I always enjoy your comments.

Anonymous said...

Your Costa Rican staying down on the coast or up in the mountains....if up in the mountains no AC will be fine...down on the coast...not so much. Carefull leaving things laying around ...the monkeys are thieves....could be Democrats

Anonymous said...

listen up all you ignorant butt-heads..if Jimmy Carter and Bill slick Clinton didn't destroy this cuntry, then neither will Nappy. now put that in yer bong and smoke it..!

Anonymous said...

This blog exposes sick from the top down..............


soz said...

man, you never know when you won't be able to do what you could do yesterday, take it from me. i'm 36, and 6 months ago played volleyball and soccer weekly. i'm about to finish radiation treatments to my pelvis for a malignant (but isolated) tumor. been on crutches for 3 months now. sucks. prob won't ever play soccer again, but i plan to be back out in the sand and sun with a volleyball in my hand this spring, dammit.

never take stuff like walking for!t like that comes out of nowhere.

Anonymous said...

No one dislikes you as much as you. Dislike. Yourself.

Anonymous said...