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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Channel 8 story on Decatur's Jackie Murphree being pushed for Sunday's White Rock Marathon. I think her civil lawsuit is still pending, by the way.
  • Stumbled across Nip/Tuck last night. Good grief, when did it jump the shark? Oh yeah, that was Season Two.
  • Cowboys Roy Williams irritates me to no end with his Hook 'Em Horns hand sign whenever he (rarely) scores a touchdown. I guess he's just trying to relive the days when he was relevant.
  • I like gloves. Gloves are underrated.
  • Danica Patrick, who announced yesterday that she will race on some Saturdays next year in the NASCAR series, is one of the most bitter girls I've ever seen --- and for no reason. Edit: Hey, NASCAR Bubba who chided me by saying, "NASCAR races on Sunday." Not the Nationwide series. I hate NASCAR and even I knew that.
  • What Microsoft's Windows is to the Apple Computer, Google's new Android operating system for mobile phones will be to Apple's iPhone. The Android will explode over the next five years.
  • As much as I like college football, I'm appalled at Congress' trying to meddle with the BCS.
  • If you are familiar with "auto-tune" (which is the cause of the death of music) and you keep up with pop culture news, you'll love The Year In Auto-Tune.
  • Have you seen the clip of the girl getting hit by a guy in tonight's episode of The Jersey Shore on MTV. Good grief.
  • I'm headed to an office Christmas party of Saturday night. I like it because it's not my office party. But it'll drive me nuts if the owner stands up and talks about profits instead of the employees.
  • Hot teachers have now moved on to each other.
  • That cute little kid from Family Ties isn't so cute anymore.
  • No offense to any Facebook friends, but I could not care less about how you are performing in "Mafia Wars."
  • President Obama formally received the Nobel Peace Prize this morning. It makes me happy simply because it drives the right wing nuts.