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Adventures In Lawyer Web Sites

After this Texas firm's web site touting their defense for "Child Sexual Assault & Internet Solicitiation [sic] Of A Minor" including a questionable photo was outed on a national blog (whose commentors quickly found other disturbing images), the lawyers quickly said, "Holy, crap! We've got that on there?" and took it down.


Anonymous said...

So it's OK for the lawyers to defend people that are accused of such, but it's not OK to advertise in a compelling way. The reality of those situations is a whole lot worse than these cleaned up images. It's disturbing but what isn't these days? I am more offended by the commercials that come on out of nowhere in the middle of football games that show suffering animals and starving children..and discuss four hour stiffies and how to lube your wife so that she has more fun when her husband's geyser fires.

Anonymous said...

For lawyers, it's not about right and wrong, it's about $$$.