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Note To Fellow Wise County Lawyer People

Did you know, as of this morning, we are forever going to be memorialized in the official Southwestern Reporter? Explained. (pdf file)


Anonymous said...

The crazy font on that PDF may be the hardest thing to read since the Pink Panther II (the Steve Martin one).

I noticed that BG last bonded out in 2001. I think that means that he should be getting off probation in a year or so.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a pattern to those names.

chupacabra said...

I read most of those 16 pages and understand less now than I did going in- which was nothing.

Anonymous said...

Just like in the post office

Anonymous said...

I read the pages and only understood about half of it. geez.

You really posted bail for one of your clients? She must have been hot.