The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • When you think of it, Sarah Palin needs to find a job to help the unemployment numbers.
  • I have no idea what The Time Traveler's Wife is about.
  • I think the country is finally turning the corner into the era of enlightenment. Fifty years from now, much like we look back in astonishment at the concept of black and white water fountains (well, some of us at least), future citizens will shake their collective heads at how backwoods we have been.
  • I wonder if I can get on one of those "Obamacare Death Panels" that the far right talks about? I'm pretty good at decision making.
  • I've got my AC on remote control (you know, raise the temperature when I'm gone and have it cooler when I return.) Great invention.
  • Low quality video of Fox 4's Chip Waggoner, Evan Andrews, and Fiona Gorostiza in a band. If that Fiona chick jazzes you, you'll like it.
  • Does Jerry Jones wear a hairpiece? The controversial evidence.
  • Schedule for a regular practice day during two-a-days for the Evil Empire. Sheesh.
  • There's a guy exposing himself to kids in McKinney. Two things, Fox 4's Tim Ryan called him a "pervert" this morning (always makes me laugh), and he was last seen at the intersection of Abbey Road and Penny Lane (developer obviously a Beatles fan.)
  • I always go to the mail box with a feeling of excitement and never have that excitement satisfied.
  • I've got a post about the current Decatur dope trial that will go up at 9:00 a.m.
  • College football news: A team 30 miles from Decatur ranks at the top of ESPNS's "Worst Top 10" list, and Tech's Mike Leach will be on the cover of Texas Monthy wearing a pirate eye patch.