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Messenger Preview

The Messenger will have this blurb in tomorrow's paper (be sure to run out and buy a copy since I'm stealing from it and want to make up for it.) But I've got a legal question. A basic rule of criminal law is that the county wherein the offense took place is the county that has jurisdiction of the crime. You assault someone in Wise County, you're going to the Decatur courthouse. You assault someone in Tarrant County, you're going to the Fort Worth courthouse. But this guy was arrested for a crime that allegedly occurred in Mexico? I can't imagine that the Mexican authorities are going to track down a simple assault defendant in the United States. And I don't think any judge in the United States can issue a warrant for a crime that occurred in a different country. Something seems wrong. Edit: Thanks to a commenter, it was pointed out that the Star Telegram had the story last Friday and clears up any confusion.