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Afternoon Pick Me Up: Sophie Monk At The Beach


Anonymous said...

Breaking NEWS!!

This just in...

Micheal Jackson is still dead.

Anonymous said...

Shock the Monk(ey)!

Triple Fake Peter Gabriel

The Judge said...

We have our first nominee for the "LLLDQ Dumbest Statement of the Day" award. Here she is boys... Just pray this isn't your neighbor!

"as far as drinking ages go, personally, i think if you are deemed old enough to fight, kill, and die for your country, then you are old enough to drink a beer. they give these kids assault rifles but don't trust them with a drink??? makes no sense."

Geeez. Comparing trained 20 year olds with M-16s and 20 year olds drinking in a bar is dumb dumb dumb.

soz said...

makes me glad i'm not a monk.

soz said...

not comparing them per se. the fact, simply is, 18 year old must register for the selective service. they COULD (and would, if necessary) be called on to kill and die for the flag at 18. should they not be allowed to drink then as well?

but you may be right, as we are talking about AMERICAN teenagers, who have proven, time and again, how completely irresponsible they are with adult toys.

but, what about trained 20 year old with M-16s drinking in bars? would that make you feel better?

oh, and not everyone drinks in bars. some people do it while they're hunting, driving, motorcycling, etc. and - eeeek - most of THEM are OVER 20! maybe we should just bring prohibition back altogether...

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I would!!!!

Anonymous said...

Milk does a body, So-phie-d me.

Anonymous said...

Something that white should only be in Wise County.

Anonymous said...

Something that white should only be in Scandinavia

Anonymous said...

Great picture! I love the afternoon pick me ups.

Here is a link that you can publish that I'm sure will get a few comments.

Anonymous said...

I would like to take Sophie out for a nice steak dinner. She looks anemic and could use a little red meat in her diet.

The Judge said...

Counselor soz,
I made my decision based on life's experiences. When I was 16 living in rural Oklahoma my buddies and I drank like fish while cruising very quiet backroads, camped out on ranches, and down on the South Canadian River all the while hiding our actions from our parents. Now, compare that to an 18 year old who is trained for weeks, guided by professionals, and put in positions they are well trained for. Now, should the fact that a person volunteers for the defense of our nation allow him to drink alcohol because he is in active duty? You've already answered that question. Of course not. The two are independant of each other. The courts will rule that the drinking age will remain at 21 regardless of life decisions of 18 year olds.
Court is adjourned.

Anonymous said...

Who is Sophie Monk? Never heard of her.

Anonymous said...

That was not what I always thought a monk was, but I guess I'd friar anyway

RPM said...

I was 17 when I joined. I could drink on base, but off base I was underage. Not that it stopped me.

Anonymous said...

Monk took her clothes off to do a PETA add.

Anonymous said...

So, would should we institute an official program whereas a 20 year-old becomes a trained barfly?

An assualt rifle is dangerous in the hands of those that do not know a few simple rules on how to use it, i.e.
1. The weapon is always loaded.
2. Keep the weapon unloaded until ready to use.
3. Never point it at something you don't want to put a bullet through.
4. Know what you are shooting at and what is behind it.
5. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
6. Know how to clean your weapon and clear jams.

Those above rules will keep you safe in a bunch of situations.

But, it the hands of a trained 20 year old, the 20-year old becomes an effective life-support system for utilizing their weapon's maximum ability to deliver death at a distance.

But, with drinking the rules are much easier.
1. Don't drink and drive.
2. Don't drink till you puke, no matter what the t-shirt says.
3. Drink in moderation.
4. Don't let drinking affect your life.

But, I don't think we want to further train drinkers, as they do with soldiers, to become highly organized and start working in groups, that would be bad.

So, I don't think you can really compare the two.

In areas like Texas, where there is little public transportation, there doesn't seem enough debate about providing transportation to and from drinking locations. Rather, the message is just don't go there and drink.

Cabs are cool.

soz said...

i defer to the law (and your point). i think, however, we both make good points, and am willing to leave it at that. there are many arguments with valid points on both sides in which neither side is truly "right". i don't know which way we'd be better off, but it would be interesting to know the reasoning (specific legislative arguments) which led to the change way back when. i suspect they are similar to yours, and, again, i think you have good points. but, again, i think i do too. in the end, it doesn't matter to me much either way; i paid my dues and enjoy the privilege now.

now, as far as a rifle (or any weapon for that matter) being dangerous only in the hands of those who don't know how to use it...i give you this:

weapons are dangerous in the hands of those who forget they are dangerous. but i agree with the rest of your comments. fortunately, in denton, the local bars are not afraid to cut someone off, and they ALWAYS call a cab to ensure safety. well, mainly to cover their tails, but it gets the job done. yes, cabs ARE cool.

wait a minute, "highly organized trained drinkers who work in groups?" there's got to be a punchline in there somewhere...

Anonymous said...

Someone needs a good old fashioned toe lickin'!