The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Chalk drawings on a sidewalk can't help but make you smile.
  • Channel 8 News covered the Jackie Murphree fundraiser yesterday in Decatur and there's footage of Jackie who made an appearance. You can watch it here. Keep a Kleenex handy.
  • I had someone printout this pic of a news anchor and give it to me yesterday at the courthouse for no reason other than she thought I'd like it.
  • How in the world did the ankle-monitor-for-truants story become such a big deal when not a single kid has ever been outfitted with the device?
  • How could anyone possibly have a "Git R Done" sticker on their car?
  • Everyone sure has become an economics expert all of a sudden.
  • Triple death in North Richland Hills last night off Rufe Snow. The ages of the dead are 17, 38, and 55.
  • The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders performed at Bass Hall? Pictures to prove it.
  • So many people who have a problem waste time explaining that problem to someone who cannot help them.
  • I'm almost at the end of 1776. I had thought it would be about the Revolutionary War and its people as a whole but it was only about the year 1776 (go figure). Sound boring? Not even close. It was riveting.
  • I think the far right wing is getting nuttier.
  • One of these years I'm going to the St. Patrick Day's parade on Greenville Avenue. But not this year: The forecast is for rain and temperatures in the 40s.
  • "Woman Injured In Sex Toy Mishap." How can you not click on that?
  • Every two years in the legislature, there's a bill to require all consents to search to be in writing. Every year it gets shot down despite there being no legitimate reason for it to die.
  • I've spent exactly one night in a hospital. Well, two. One night was sitting in a chair beside a sick girlfriend. I felt pretty good about myself after that.