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Pit Crew Member Chases Tires -- Delays NASCAR

I post this simply because I wanted to steal someone else's line about it: "He must have thought it was a possum."


Jarhead said...

Wow. The excitement level of that video was somewhere between watching paint dry and watching grass grow.

I'm sure all the Bubbas watching that were beside themselves because the tire chaser caused "their driver" irreparable harm in the race. Surely there was a fistfight on pit road after the race ~ when isn't there one?

Actually a guy chasing a tire is way more exciting than watching a bunch of guys drive around an oval [in this case a "quad-oval" whatever the hell that is ~ redneck geometry] for three hours.

Poor Bubbas.

Anonymous said...

How it's made showed how to make Banjo's last night.

Yep, it was cool.

RPM said...

In his defense, according to ESPN, the guy was following the last instruction he heard "get that tire". ESPN also was saying a crewmember from the pit stall behind Ambrose's pushed the tire onto pit road. If true, that person/team should be penalized severely.

The incident did cause quite a few people to lose a lot of track position.

Anonymous said...

I. Don't. Care.

Anonymous said...

7:34----- You should avoid so much excess verbosity when articulating your considered opinion about any given subject in some more honest, well intentioned effort to more successfuuly express your thoughts to those of us who may or may not, as the case may be, interested.


Anonymous said...

Good grief, NASCAR = we are doomed.

I weep for the species.