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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Old clips of Janis Joplin singing = Power Down.
  • I once slept walked out of a hotel in San Francisco while on vacation as a boy with my family. When I made it back to the hotel room in the middle of the night (I was gone for probably 10 minutes), they were scared to open the door because I was banging on it so hard and they had no idea what was going on.
  • I remember realizing where I was when I tried to open a newspaper rack in the hotel parking lot.
  • Greatest. Photoshop. Ever. (Thanks, Keith.) And everyone tells me that's the worst picture of me they've ever seen.
  • Vacation thought: I might drive across the South by myself. Stopping often to see stuff that guide books tell me I should see. Hole in the wall restaurants. Small towns. Louisiana. Alabama. Mississippi. And then into Florida down to the Keys (which would probably turn a pleasant trip into a long one).
  • But with my luck I'd probably end up tied to a tree ala Deliverance.
  • The stem cell debate broke out yesterday which caused the abortion debate to break out which, in turn, caused the "every life is precious" comments to flow. Except those uttering "every life is precious" will later say that a life, who can't find work and seeks government assistance, is a leach on society.
  • Shannon Tweed is 52 today.
  • Two things that would be horrible to experience: The church shooting and the child being run over in a driveway. And both have made the news in the last couple of days.
  • Brit Brit in a bikini. (And, yes, I saw the concert video that was all over the Internets yesterday.)
  • Channel 8 now runs a brief spot during its newscasts which simply says, "It's 10:00 o'clock. Do you know where your children are?" That was a mainstay of the channel back when I was growing up. It's amazing how it still applies all these years later.
  • Criminal charges against teenagers in Plano who faked the kidnapping in a parking lot? Not a chance. There is no applicable law. But I'm sure the Texas Legislature will immediately spring into action to remedy this problem that we've never heard of before this weekend.
  • Description of new Dallas Cowboys luxury suite: "The suite was filled with Brazilian granite, Canadian marble, leather-clad walls and walnut trim. The front of the bar was wrapped in crocodile leather and stocked with Woodford Reserve bourbon, PatrĂ³n Silver tequila and other premium liquor" Recession?
  • The use of ankle monitors on truant students by a local JP has made the Messenger and today the Star Telegram. But I noticed this sentence: "No students have been sanctioned with the monitor yet . . . ." Edit: Good grief. I just hear about this on WBAP.
  • In other news, local officials are considering freezing the bodies of probation violators. No probationers have been sanctioned with the freezing device yet.
  • And another (hot kindergarten teacher.)


Anonymous said...

"But with my luck I'd probably end up tied to a tree ala Deliverance."
(Insert classic comment from movie here)
Man, you keep offering up those high-arced pitches that you just know are gonna get hit out of the park!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least the Pre-Kindergarten teacher wasn't having sex with her students!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Wow, another concession to Johnson's court that never would have been allowed under Swaim. Thank you for showing your true colors, commissioners.

Why would anybody want to serve in this rathole where nepotism is king.

Anonymous said...

I would like to take this the same trip. I think I may rent a car for the drive-then fly home after some time in Florida. Love me a good road trip and if I can stop where & when I want even better. I also would like to fly to Florida and rent a car and drive up to New York-again taking my time along the way. Then fly home. Let me know when you make the plans. I think I will start planing mine soon. Happy travels :)

Anonymous said...

The teacher and the student are in Louisiana for heavens sake, thats normal down there. Oh wait, I see the problem, they're not related.

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry, were you bummed when George, Junior or Gordo didn't mention your blog as one they visit regularly this morning?

Anonymous said...

Shannon Tweed is 52 today.
And she's still got it!

re: today's pic
Yikes! Those gals must have just come out of the water, cuz from the neck up, they both seem to be shouting "shark repellent"

Anonymous said...

"Greatest. Photoshop. Ever. (Thanks, Keith.) And everyone tells me that's the worst picture of me they've ever seen."
I stared at that photo for the longest time, and never quite figured out where you were.
You should publish a photo book of you inserted into all the pictures of the hot gals you've posted over the years. I predict a bestseller

Triple Fake "Where's Waldo"

Bigwillie02 said...

Edit: Random morning thoughts = Power Down

Fake: Waylen

Anonymous said...

Sheesh - ankle monitors for kids who skip school?

These SHOULD be placed on sexual perverts who mess with our children. Every time one of them acted inappropriately, they'd be given a HUGE jolt of electricity - in the genitals.

Burn em' off.

Anonymous said...

That is a horrible picture of you. You look so much better when you smile!!

Anonymous said...

Re: The Photoshop

Suggested script for TV ad.

Does your supervisor prevent you from wearing cut-off shorts and tight tops on the shop floor or in the workplace? Well, exercise your freedom to be frisky & call me. Barry Green, Torts for Tarts. Legal discounts for C cups and above. Parking Validated.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

The stem cell debate broke out yesterday which caused the abortion debate to break out which, in turn, caused the "every life is precious" comments to flow. Except those uttering "every life is precious" will later say that a life, who can't find work and seeks government assistance, is a leach on society.

You are absolutely right!

In fact, most of those "every life is precious" people live right here in Texas. Yet, recent news reports show More children are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in Texas than in any other state

Anonymous said...

"carnal knowledge" sounds exciting

Anonymous said...

9:48 - good post.

Ah, yes, our pretty governor should be proud of our homeless children in Texas. He is such a caring Republican.

...particularly about getting ahead of good mommy Hutchinson who hires somebody else to raise her children.

Jarhead said...

"The stem cell debate broke out yesterday which caused the abortion debate to break out which, in turn, caused the "every life is precious" comments to flow. Except those uttering "every life is precious" will later say that a life, who can't find work and seeks government assistance, is a leach on society."

...if you have a totally negative outlook [the liberal mindset]

On the other hand...

...they might become President of the United States of America or a productive member of society, if you're a glass-half-full kinda person... [the conservative mindset]

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:39!!!!! If you would just go to school that mean ol' judge wouldn't have to put the ankle monitor on you!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can we just locate our schools near prisons so teachers can walk to work?

Anonymous said...

County taxpayers will pay $15.00 per day per student plus the cost of someone to monitor the kids who don't want to go to school. Is this about the schools trying to get kids to stay in school or about collecting $$ per day per student attendance???

Judge Swaim could not get funding from the commissioners to handle the overload of cases but now they are more than willing for the taxpayers to pick up the tab for ankle monitors!

It is how this commissioner court works!

Anonymous said...

Leaches on society are going to grow in numbers when the "Cap and Trade" or tax on the 95% of Americans increases the cost of electricity and expense to drive! Wish there was a debate on this issue along with the stem cell debate going on yesterday! And 15% of the jobs created funded by the taxpayers will go to illegals! That will create more leaches on the ststem by citizens while the illegals send their checks back to relatives in Mexico! 300,000 construction jobs will go to illegals and it won't take long before the ones in Mexico, if any are left, will be crossing over to benefit from our tax dollas; no ours, but our children's tax dollars! Private construction will hire the illegals at low wages, not pay benefits and will screw the union workers! All while we argue over stem cell that no one will be able to afford under universal health care for ALL including illegals!

Anonymous said...

10:47 - the ankle bracelet monitoring for these kids is ridiculous and is just another way for that JP to get more attention. If she wants to help our kids, go after THEIR DEADBEAT PARENTS!!

Stupid waste of money. Our commissioner's court is all Republican, so what does spending our tax dollars mean to them? Nothing!

Stand by while all the other JP's figure out ways to get more county money.

Anonymous said...

Hey whitey, are you really that dumb?


If you weren't so hell bent on being too good to work certain jobs, could show up for work as required, don't have too much drama in your life, and not drink or do drugs on the job those mexicans that you so proudly state as illegals wouldn't be taking the construction jobs.

Anonymous said...

11:20 in the big cities, don't they make the parents show up for court and fine them when the children go awall from school.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Swaim is a nice person. I've heard as much in the community. However, when I went to her court I was greeted by an unorganized woman in a wind suit, who said she was the judge. She was surrounded by piles, and piles, and piles of files. I left with a very poor opinion of her court, and couldn't help but think my check (for my fine) would go years without being cashed.
I don't know Johnson, but judging from the articles, it sounds as if she is thinking outside the box, and working hard.

Anonymous said...

10:57 - The union workers have been the major reason most jobs are going elsewhere. They are screwing all of us that don't have to hide behind the unions to stay employed. If you don't like it then send a union worker over to my house and cut the grass for $30.

The triple fake FUPA

Anonymous said...

12:25 - she sure is working hard............ be recognized in the newspapers. This is about the third article that has appeared on this JP.

...if a person is doing a good job, they are working and could care less if their efforts are publicized or not.

Disgusted w/ That Comment said...

Please allow me to offer a different definition. Leaches on society exhibit various combinations of the following traits: they aren't trying to find work, do not seek to pull their own weight, feel no need to contribute anything to society, are bold in stating their expectations about what everybody owes them, use poor parenting techniques, continue to make the same poor decisions over and over regarding how to spend what money they have.... You can add others. We produce enough excess in our society to assist those who CAN'T, for a reasonable period of time, find work, as well as providing other safety nets for those enduring unforseen misfortune, as well as providing a hand up for those seeking to move out of life long and generational poverty, and who are willing to put the gifts to use by reciprocating with effort on their part.

This was another weak attempt at demonizing those who disagree with you politically, and reveals the origing of the title "bleeding heart".

Anonymous said...

CEO's wanting to increase shareholder's dividends is the reason jobs go the shareholders stock is down 50% and the jobs are gone too! All of my shirts are made in sweatshops in Asia, yet the cost of my shirts is triple what they were two years ago. The unions didn't cause that. The only ones to profit.........the CEO's.

Yes, some unions got out of control. But you can bet your bottom dollar if the unions voted republican all the union bashing would stop immediately.

Without unions,think what the coal miners would be working in and for.

We need Wall St banks and unions but both need to be seriously regulated and monitored.

Anonymous said...

And why does Channel 8 play the "It's 10:00. Do you know where your children are?" bit at 10:15 each evening instead of 10?

Anonymous said...

She is the first JP I have ever seen wear a judge's robe. She also conducts her court with much pomp and circumstance. Trust me she is just using this little JP gig as a stepping stone to higher office.

Anonymous said...

Ankle monitors

1 of 4 JPs

320 cases annually

$15 a day

County taxpayers daily expense=$4800 just for one precinct.

I like the part where they fine the parents when the kid skips school!

Anonymous said...

In the big city it's $500.00 a pop. Let's just say the parents are jumping thru hoops in most cases to make sure those hellion kids attend school.

Anonymous said...

I would like for that Judge to Monitor me, Have you seen her....Robe or not

Anonymous said...

VOTE GREEN for JP 2 I will save you $$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Waste of money???? At least this JP is doing something about it.

You ought to be in the school system - if those parents cared, or were home when their kids went to school, there wouldn't be a problem in the first place.

You blame the teachers if the kids aren't learning, and the parents if they don't show up to school. Which is it?

Anonymous said...

12:56 you are obviously bitter about something. You are also quite naive to think Johnson controls the media - really?

And I guess you're also against the high sheriff; he seems to get into the Messenger quite a bit, too. I guess that makes him an unpopular guy, too? I think not!

And seriously, a politician who might be using a lower office to get to a higher one. Who has ever heard such an absurdity? Surely not!

Anonymous said...

Nope, poster 9:28 - the sheriff DOESN'T get his pic in the paper that much. He's doing a good job and doesn't demand the publicity.

The best JP we have in Wise County is Mark Autry.

He does a good job and is quiet about it.

Anonymous said...

11:44, I must have missed out on who Whitney is since I SEE no Whitney on this board. ?????