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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • "A Baghdad court has sentenced an Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at former U.S. President George W. Bush to three years in prison for assaulting a foreign leader." I hope they don't suffocate from all that new found freedom over there.
  • A commenter is now furiously typing, "But Saddam Hussein would have put him to death!!!" I call that the, "Oh, yeah? What about you?" argument: The method of distracting criticism by comparing the criticized conduct to something worse. I bet there's a technical name for that.
  • I made it halfway through Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night. Pretty funny, but it's no The Heartbreak Kid - a movie that I like 100% more than anyone else.
  • Forbes has released it's list of World's Richest People. Hey, there's a drug lord on there.
  • This obituary of a teenager goes with this shocking crime out of Graham. (Credit.)
  • My junior high basketball coach once told our team, "If you can't beat a man one on one, you don't need to be on this court." That's always bugged me.
  • An irate caller on KLIF this morning said our country is "fat, lazy and stupid" and it wouldn't hurt for us to have to learn what it is like to "sacrifice and suffer." Probably right.
  • He also added that sometimes he thinks it would be a good idea to let the country implode in order to see if the current generation, when faced with the crisis, is "worthy of America." I think I agree with that, too.
  • As a long time Baylor supporter who is a fan of Hall of Fame linebacker "Mike Singletary" it's weird to watch a Texas Tech basketball game who has a pretty good player named "Mike Singletary."
  • For Ticket Fans only: The Fake Billy Tubbs and the Ed Carter Sports Reports may be my favorite bits.
  • As I still consider my trip across the South, I found a tour of mansions in Natchez, Mississippi. Ten years ago I wouldn't have been remotely interested in such a thing.
  • I've started watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart again. His monologue is always funny, but something has happened to his "chit chat with our correspondent" segment.
  • Random thing heard on the news this morning: Do people still wear galoshes?
  • There's a K&G commercial disguised as a news 911 call. I hate it.
  • If I were in charge of commercial/ad design as my job, I'm pretty sure after my presentation to sell it to the client I would hear, "That's just weird" a lot.