Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • That's UT Quarterback Colt McCoy's girlfriend, Rachel Glandorf, on the left.
  • I saw a guy in the Wise County district court yesterday representing himself in a divorce/contempt proceeding against his wife. He won. He then proceeded to strut out of the courtroom but smashed into the back door when he tried to open it the wrong way. A local lawyer/funny man sitting next to me said, "He had an almost perfect exit until the ending." We then decided that he had to have contemplated, at least for a moment, moonwalking out the door.
  • UNT coach Todd Dodge decided to drug test all his players and 15 of 86 came back positive for "recreational drugs" (read: "marijuana"). What a shocker, 17% of football players at North Texas smoke dope. Go test the general population and compare.
  • But Dodge kind of scared me when he said the players were going to take a drug education course since "maybe it will save their lives." Reefer Madness has broken out in Denton.
  • I was certain I had lost weight since my belt finally was feeling loose. Then I got on the scale this morning and found I had gained two pounds. That is weird.
  • Oddest music purchase I've made in a while: Marilyn Manson's The Beautiful People. It was pointed out to me while the Longhorn band drum section played it at various times throughout the OU game.
  • The First Baptist Church of Bridgeport utilizes Flickr. Me loves me some Flickr.
  • Story of my life: Prison warden's wife meets inmate. Inmate meets wife. She helps him escape. They live together on a chicken farm in Texas for 10 years. Both are captured. Inmate dies. Wife goes back to living with warden. Wife now on trial. (Man, this is perfect for the Dallas Morning News' "True Romance" section for Sunday. Link.)
  • With my hair getting longer, I look like a madman when I wake up in the mornings.
  • We should have a live video feed on election night of the guy that always posts, "America has not, and will not, ever elect a man with the name of Barack Hussein Obama." Now that would be entertaining.
  • And we should have a live video feed on 12/12/2012 of the guy who always predicts the end of the world on that day.
  • Oddest Las Vegas result: You probably aren't aware of it, but the Game Five of the World Series has been put on hold for two days due to rain. It's tied 2-2 but, get this, if you bet on Tampa Bay to win the game, Las Vegas has already declared Philadelphia the winner and that you lost the bet. Money. Gone.
  • One of the first comments on the Bono post below was a very funny one of "isn't that Cher's ex-husband?" It was only a matter of time before someone, failing to see the joke, came along to correct him.
  • Texas A&M has decided to pay the bonfire victims from almost a decade ago. I'm still stunned that any good Aggie would sue A&M. Shameful.