The Campaign For DA


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Cowboys receiver Roy Williams was sporting a big black western hat after the game.
  • I finally watched one of those Kim Brimer campaign TV sports (both pro and con) that are constantly being run. Man, that's a lot of money to spend on a state senate race.
  • Saw one of those Ninja bikes doing a wheelie down the highway on Saturday.
  • Saw a gal in an authentic Dallas Cowboy cheerleader outfit on Saturday for Halloween. Hey, now.
  • During my jog on Saturday morning, I saw a trail of blood for over a half mile (maybe more) of what clearly was some animal bleeding from one leg. (Perfect bloody paw print followed by blood spots.) I wondered what happened to him.
  • I proclaimed to someone afterwards that it was probably a domesticated animal since it stayed on a cement jogging trail instead of running off into the brush. She asked me when I had become an expert on the pattern of wounded animals.
  • Funny line on the Ticket this morning about the Wade Phillips' sideline celebrations: "He looks like a kindergartner who has just been told that he had 15 extra minutes of recess."
  • The beautiful Megan Henderson on Fox 4 this morning led one story with, "The turnout for this year's election might exceed the one of four years ago." Might? I blame the news story writer.
  • I accidentally poured some gas on my very hot weedeater on Friday evening. I backed up thinking the thing was going to burst into flames. It didn't. And I've never really heard about that happening.
  • The Dallas Morning News, which laid off a ton more people last week, is now shoving its classifieds into the back of the sports section. It makes you feel like you're getting short changed on your sportzzzz. (And it was just announced that the paper's circulation dropped another 10% over the last six months.)
  • I'd like to take a day and get a complete physical, complete with the treadmill and the breathing apparatus strapped to my mouth. Do they do that? Or is that just something I see on TV?
  • Bailout question: If Mortgage Company A sold a mortgage to Mortgage Company B and Mortgage Company B ends up holding the bag since the mortgage wasn't any good, didn't Mortgage Company A make out like a bandit? Which gives rise to the other question: Where did all that money go that ended up in the hands of the thousands of Mortgage Company A?
  • The Star Telegram has to be run by Muslims who don't wear flag lapel pins since the paper endorsed Barack Obama on Saturday.
  • The always overrated AC/DC released a new album but it's only available on a CD at Walmart. No where else. And not available online. Those boys are cutting edge.
  • "Contestants relax in between rounds during a U.S. Republican vice-presidential nominee Alaska Governor Sarah Palin look-alike stripper contest at a strip club in Las Vegas, Nevada October 23, 2008." Photo.
  • I mentioned about that very young and hot anchorwoman from Arkansas last week. She died this weekend and I actually said an audible, "Oh, my" when I read it. She was 26.
  • Start looking around for small individually owned used car lots. They seem to be vanishing before our eyes.