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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Cowboys receiver Roy Williams was sporting a big black western hat after the game.
  • I finally watched one of those Kim Brimer campaign TV sports (both pro and con) that are constantly being run. Man, that's a lot of money to spend on a state senate race.
  • Saw one of those Ninja bikes doing a wheelie down the highway on Saturday.
  • Saw a gal in an authentic Dallas Cowboy cheerleader outfit on Saturday for Halloween. Hey, now.
  • During my jog on Saturday morning, I saw a trail of blood for over a half mile (maybe more) of what clearly was some animal bleeding from one leg. (Perfect bloody paw print followed by blood spots.) I wondered what happened to him.
  • I proclaimed to someone afterwards that it was probably a domesticated animal since it stayed on a cement jogging trail instead of running off into the brush. She asked me when I had become an expert on the pattern of wounded animals.
  • Funny line on the Ticket this morning about the Wade Phillips' sideline celebrations: "He looks like a kindergartner who has just been told that he had 15 extra minutes of recess."
  • The beautiful Megan Henderson on Fox 4 this morning led one story with, "The turnout for this year's election might exceed the one of four years ago." Might? I blame the news story writer.
  • I accidentally poured some gas on my very hot weedeater on Friday evening. I backed up thinking the thing was going to burst into flames. It didn't. And I've never really heard about that happening.
  • The Dallas Morning News, which laid off a ton more people last week, is now shoving its classifieds into the back of the sports section. It makes you feel like you're getting short changed on your sportzzzz. (And it was just announced that the paper's circulation dropped another 10% over the last six months.)
  • I'd like to take a day and get a complete physical, complete with the treadmill and the breathing apparatus strapped to my mouth. Do they do that? Or is that just something I see on TV?
  • Bailout question: If Mortgage Company A sold a mortgage to Mortgage Company B and Mortgage Company B ends up holding the bag since the mortgage wasn't any good, didn't Mortgage Company A make out like a bandit? Which gives rise to the other question: Where did all that money go that ended up in the hands of the thousands of Mortgage Company A?
  • The Star Telegram has to be run by Muslims who don't wear flag lapel pins since the paper endorsed Barack Obama on Saturday.
  • The always overrated AC/DC released a new album but it's only available on a CD at Walmart. No where else. And not available online. Those boys are cutting edge.
  • "Contestants relax in between rounds during a U.S. Republican vice-presidential nominee Alaska Governor Sarah Palin look-alike stripper contest at a strip club in Las Vegas, Nevada October 23, 2008." Photo.
  • I mentioned about that very young and hot anchorwoman from Arkansas last week. She died this weekend and I actually said an audible, "Oh, my" when I read it. She was 26.
  • Start looking around for small individually owned used car lots. They seem to be vanishing before our eyes.


The Prawn said...

AC/DC has the misconception that their music should only be enjoyed in full album form. Thus individual tracks are not available for sale online. Hence, I'm sure their pirated music totals are up their with Metallica.

Anonymous said...

Good job Barry. I think you got both the wounded animal and the Star Telegram figured out.

Buckwheat said...

kim brimer vs wendy Davis.

she is the ultimate ball-buster

Anonymous said...

In theory if the economy is so 'got dang' bad you'd have gazillions of small "tote the note" car lots popping up.

This is because we know people are going to drive- no matter what and if they can't afford a loan for a new car because of these uncertain times blah blah...

Anonymous said...

DMN is as crazy as Dallas itself.

How can people even argue over which is better, Fort Worth or Dallas?

Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago I was heading home from work driving my usual 80 mph when 2 of those bikes pased me like I was sitting still both were doing wheelies side by side and did until they were out of sight.

Anonymous said...

Wise quack!

Anonymous said...

I ride one of those bikes too however I respect others and dont do things like that where it might adversly effect others and never in traffic! As for passing someone going a little fast I might be guilty of doing just such! But always with caution!

Anonymous said...

Today's female is the worst, I do believe, that you have ever posted on the site.

Anonymous said...

So the Star Telegram believes in redistribution of wealth. If the liberals like Kennedy, Gore, and BG agree then we need to do away with loopholes that protect family fortunes. Things like family trusts, dynasty trusts, etc. need to be outlawed. That way when their parents die we can sieze their estates and redistribute this wealth to us poor folks. Obama has been talking about this for his entire life (See Drudge this morning). Barry, if you believe this crap, why don't you invite us all down to your office for a cash settlement. Matter of fact, why doesn't Obama redistribute his million dollar home.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin - new clothes (see stripper photo) well I never knew!

Best photo on this liberal blog!

The Maverick

Anonymous said...

No, 11:22 That's Michelle Obama, trying to be white.

Anonymous said...

Re: redistributing the wealth.

Guess it is not resdistributing the wealth to take from the 95% to give to the 5% in the form of tax breaks, exceptional deductions, protect their bank shares etc.

We have universal health care now. The poor go to the emergency room and my insurance premiums pay for some of it. There surely is a more efficient way.

Until the left and the right agree to lay down their tongues and settle on what is pragmatic and what is affordable.......we are only delaying the enivitable. There is no either/or solution.

No party has a lock on the solution. To date the emphasis has been on control instead of solutions. For those who continue to block solutions (or stall until the perfect solutions comes along) need to be voted out........the ultimate term limit.

Anonymous said...

Just read your "spin" this week.

We don't need a study from Harvard to know that the minorities are the problem. Anyone with any sense knew what was going to happen when Clinton pushed to loan to those who couldn't afford it. Spend 5 minutes with a few of them and that will tell you all you need to know.

Anonymous said...

Palin's stripper outfits work for me - that must be one heck of a consignment store that she goes to.

I guess the unwed pregnant daughter will just have to wait for hand-me-downs.

B. Dolls

Anonymous said...

This is the best collection of nonsense I have seen on the blog in a while.
How do you redistribute a home?
What is an exceptional deduction?
How do you protect bank shares? (bank shares?!)
"Spend 5 minutes with a few of them and that will tell you all you need to know."
With that statement you are painting all minorities with the same brush stroke. I would ask for an explanation, but I have a pretty good idea what to expect.

Finally, somebody says the gal in the photo is possibly the worst EVER? Heck, even if that was true, you've still got a duck with a buck, looking for time!

Anonymous said...

You guy's go ahead and vote for Obama. Hell, he can't even pass an F.B.I. background check according to their guidelines because of people he does and has associated with. He say's the constitution is flawed when it comes to re-distribution, Michelle request black secret service agents escort her, nah! she's not predjudice, we are. If he wins, I wish you all luck and for you young folks voting for the first time, expect to work up to your 80th birthday. You young-uns are going to have to be for Obamas wish list. Yea, you'll have to pay for it and it will pass with the Democratic majority. Don't forget you voted for him.

Gorilla said...

Bet you saw the bloody paw print on that scenic walking trail in Park Glen.

Anonymous said...

Well said 11:55

Anonymous said...

Redistributing the wealth, how does it work you ask?

You have people with this mentality:

I'll put in a nickle and take out a dime and one day this place will be mine!


wordkyle said...

1155 - Just one thought. If anyone takes a moment to look at your statement:

"Guess it is not resdistributing the wealth to take from the 95% to give to the 5% in the form of tax breaks...

they will see that you are correct. It is not wealth redistribution to let people keep their money. Tax breaks do exactly that. And when they get to keep more of their money, taxpayers engage in more of that activity, which results in more dollars going to the government in taxes, even with the tax "breaks." That "5 percent" you refer to already pays more than 60% of all federal taxes collected. That percentage has gone up every year since Bush took office, most dramatically since the Bush tax cuts went into effect.

Question: If a tax proposal -- say, lowering the tax rate on the top 5% -- results in that group paying more in taxes, in both dollars and percentage, what is the purpose in wanting to change it? Are you arguing that we should raise their tax rate, even if it means that they actually pay less in taxes, just to be "fair?" What's the sense in that?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is that Howard the Duck from way back when dressed up as Donald Duck? Looks like he still has it.
Actually that is BG in costume so no one would no he went to a partially clothed, no show nothing establishment.

Anonymous said...

i say tax everyone the same percent
the we will all be equal at tax time

Double Fake Angus Young said...


Don't be hatin' on AC/DC. I'm going to see them in January.

Anonymous said...

bailout question/(short)answer

Mortgage company A sold loans to Mtg Co B (mortgage brokers). Good times!

When the housing slump was revealed, mortgage brokers stopped buying loans from Mtg Co A. By that time, Mortgage Co A , overcome with GREED and in a frenzy of subprime loans. They were greatly over leveraged when it all came to a screeching halt. They were left holding millions in subprime loans they could not sell. boo-hoo. :( Party is over. ((Countrywide and others failed))

This 'triggered' worldwide economic crisis. Because Wallstreet'rs bet on those subprime loans using "Credit Default Swaps". (they bet on the swaps, then they bet on those bets, and on those bets, etc....think casino..up to estimate $60 Trillion)

The subprime loan defaults were manageable, but the CDSs are not. $60 trillion in over leveraged bets = worldwide economic crisis.

Alan Greenspan and Phil Gramm, "Damn! .. and we were so sure that was gonna work!"

Anonymous said...

Megan is hot

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:23 by saying "spend 5 minutes with them..." I meant spend 5 minutes with a few black people together and you will soon realize the mentality of those people. If you are white or Mexican, they hate you. They think you owe them.

Is that what you thought I meant?

Anonymous said...

11:55 & 4:36 have a pretty good take on some serious subjects. Wordy is right that the top 5% pay something like 60% of income taxes - however they still scrimp by on some $500,000 upwards - take-home. They should be able to pay for the groceries. And as stated, the sub-primes aren't the problem - it was the Credit Default Swappers who bet on bets that others would pay. When those greedy bankers bet wrong - we have the current financial mess. It wasn't the "poor folks" who caused the real problem - it was the greedy bankers and mortgage betters. Maybe more regulation could have prevented this - we'll never know. But I'll assure you there certainly will be more regulation in the future!

wordkyle said...

750 - Actually, the Average Gross Income for the top 5% was around $3,000,000. But what does that matter? If they earn more, does that mean I earn less?

The only reason to bring up "top [whatever] percent" is to exploit class envy. Income is not a zero sum game; everyone can earn more, because productivity increases the size of the pie. Democrats, however, have sold the idea that top income earners must somehow be punished, for the sole reason that they are top earners.

I won't repeat the benefits that lowering tax rates achieved, other than to say that everybody won. Results ought to matter.

PS: You already know who wanted more oversight of Fannie Mae et al in 2004, and who opposed it.

Anonymous said...

wordkyle 2:50

We do not have a flat tax. We have a progressive tax.
The more you make, the more you pay.

Those people in the 1% are paying more tax. Your right.

They are paying more, because they are MAKING MORE than ever. Never have so few become so ultra rich, super wealthy, opulent, extremely well off, unimaginable riches. A large part of this personal wealth has come from the finance and banking industry.

One example: Hedge Fund Manager, John Paulson, made an estimated $3.9 BILLION in 2007 on one Credit Default Swap deal, ie 'a bet'.

I do not know how much tax Hedge fund manager, Paulson, paid on this one deal, but I hope he paid a large amount.
This money was made from a bet. A bet. Nothing was produced or created, no advancement was made to our country, no industries were advanced, no buildings were built, no medical, technological, scientific or educational advances were made and none will benefit from it. No jobs were created, no great effort went into this deal. He gambled.

Meanwhile, the rest of the citizens in this country work many hard hours each day and earn less and less. Teachers with post grad degrees receive sub par compensation. All 82,000 high school teachers in NY State receive less compensation combined than one Hedge Fund mgr with the same level of education. Our enlisted men and women are putting their lives on the line every day bring home a salary that their families struggle to live on.

wordkyle said...

1011 - You are stating two points that have no connection with each other. You imply that one person earning a lot of money somehow keeps others from earning more.

Rich people getting richer does not keep others from getting richer also. A simple example: If Bob has $10,000 in the bank, and Charlie has $100, and they both earn 10% on their money, Bob will earn $1000 and Charlie will earn $10. Has Bob therefore somehow victimized Charlie? The "income gap" has widened simply due to mathematics.

The vast majority of millionaires in America are small business owners who have worked hard, lived frugally and saved their money for many, many years. They are the ones that pay the bulk of the taxes in America, carrying the load for the millions of people who pay no taxes at all. Attempts to demonize top income earners is based purely on exploiting class envy. There is no logical other reason. (And why are all the demonic examples bankers and such? Why not rich Hollywood movie stars?)

Another note: Paulson seems to have made money in 2007 by "buying low and selling high" -- the way people make money. And thousands of investors/shareholders profited along with Paulson because of his actions. Is that bad?

By the way, as much as I love teachers and wish they could all be millionaires -- did any of them enter that profession thinking they were going to get rich from it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, 7:02 that is exactly what I thought you would say. You are demonizing an entire race with the example of a few of "those people".
You don't help the conservative cause with narrow-minded statements such as that. There are plenty of reasonable arguments against liberalism. Yours is based on ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Come on Barry, turn your Demo flames down some. Don't you think Repubs have any sense?

Anonymous said...

wordkyle 637

The point of my 10:11 comment was that in a progressive tax system, the tax rate increases as the taxable amount increases. I disagree with Bush's tax cut to the top 1%. No demonization. That is just the way it works.

BTW, Paulson DID NOT buy low and sell high. He made a bet.
He made a side bet on the market using CDSs and """Won""" BILLIONS $$$. That should be illegal.
I realize you believe he should be given a tax break. I do not.

Since the right wing slant is the wealthy people "work so hard and are so deserving" while the less than wealthy are "lazy uneducated bums whose poor choices determine their lot in life", it seems to me that the Hedge Fund manager and teachers are just one example of how wrong headed your thinking really is.
Teachers usually enter their field with more noble ambitions than the financiers. Between teachers and financiers, I vote fore the candidate that gives tax breaks to the teacher.

Do you think teachers do not live frugally and save their money? Get real.

wordkyle said...

154 - You're putting words in my mouth, and that ain't sanitary. Some points:

A quote from the article: "Through his shorts against the ABX subprime index and purchases of credit-default swaps that were priced too low, Paulson's funds profited, and profited handsomely. So not only did you have the ABX index plummeting, but you also had investors panicking and purchasing the credit-default swaps for insurance that Paulson had purchased on the cheap before the panic started."

Sure they use the word "bet." It was a calculated risk, a/k/a "running a business." When looking at the explanation of what he did, however, I read that as "buying low and selling high." If that point is not accurate, please explain how it is not. (A note: Opening any sort of business could be called a "bet." As in, "I bet that people in this town would like a new pizza place." Or, "I bet that if I buy ten thousand widgets for a dollar, I could sell them for five dollars apiece." So the word "bet" has many meanings.)

You are correct in that I believe most wealthy people are hard working and deserving.

You are incorrect to state that I believe everyone else is "lazy, uneducated" etc. However, I do believe that most people are where they are in life because of decisions they've made. Teachers, God bless them, chose a profession that has never, ever paid well. They are rewarded in ways a CEO with an MBA will never know, but financially speaking, the MBA made a better choice.

Give the teachers a tax break. Give everyone a tax break (McCain's tax plan.) But the evidence, the results show that a lower tax rate for top earners -- those small business owners -- results in their paying more in total tax dollars. Taxing an activity reduces the occurrence of that activity. Obama's tax plan will tax the activity that has provided the majority of revenue to the government -- simply to fuel class envy for political purposes.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what would happen if we all joined the ranks of the unemployed? If we all QUIT working and filed for gov't subsidies? Wonder if the gov't would decide then that people deserve what they EARN themselves! And if they don't EARN money, then they should not drive new cars, live in new houses, or wear fancy duds, but should live meagerly! Seems things are basakwards now. The wealthy or "contented" give up monies to the "lazy" or poor and it is the latter who drives the new wheels, etc! Sorry, that is JUST WRONG!