Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Google Streetview has come to Rhome. Decatur should be mapped anytime now.
  • I'd watch more baseball if all games were three innings long.
  • Sarah Palin, in the end, probably hurt more than helped McCain.
  • I'm planning a weekend in Manhattan in November.
  • A Halloween costume was delivered by UPS to my office last week. I wouldn't tell what was inside. It's still driving our office staff crazy.
  • There's a headline in the Star Telegram today that reads, "Three Million Homeowners Could Get Federal Help." That drives me insane.
  • I've always believed, above all else, that you should pay your bills.
  • In the Obama Infomercial last night they showed a struggling Ford worker who was worried about making ends meet. It then showed him taking his family out to eat and having a distressed look as the the cashier told him, "That'll be $24.09." Note to guy: Don't go out to eat!!!!!
  • Keith over at bagofnothing.com taught me how to link to a youtube video and have it start at a particular point of the video without having to fast forward. You can learn how to here. And the above portion of the infomercial about the going-out-to-eat-guy can be jumped to here (as I put that youtube trick to work.)
  • How could you possibly call yourself "undecided" in the Presidential election?
  • I finished the Tulia book - great stuff. And if there's any tragic figure it's former DA Terry McEachern. That's what happens when a small town DA accepts every case that walks in the door and fails to question anything that law enforcement does.
  • Every week I see somebody taking a picture of the Decatur courthouse.
  • You'll hear about the occasional murder-for-hire that gets thwarted. I wonder how many unsolved murders were successful murder-for-hires?
  • Golfer John Daly passed out at Frilly's Hooters. (Link includes mugshot.)
  • I spent a buck on the lottery the other other night (first time in months.) But my routine is always the same: Never look at the numbers and wait to hear on the news whether a winning ticket was sold in the town I bought it in. If I don't hear about it, I throw it away.
  • Man, there was a video floating around yesterday of a Houston Cougar receiver snapping his leg after he ran into some band equipment that hadn't been removed from the sideline after halftime. I think it happened on Tuesday night -- but I couldn't click on it because I hate seeing stuff like that.