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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Google Streetview has come to Rhome. Decatur should be mapped anytime now.
  • I'd watch more baseball if all games were three innings long.
  • Sarah Palin, in the end, probably hurt more than helped McCain.
  • I'm planning a weekend in Manhattan in November.
  • A Halloween costume was delivered by UPS to my office last week. I wouldn't tell what was inside. It's still driving our office staff crazy.
  • There's a headline in the Star Telegram today that reads, "Three Million Homeowners Could Get Federal Help." That drives me insane.
  • I've always believed, above all else, that you should pay your bills.
  • In the Obama Infomercial last night they showed a struggling Ford worker who was worried about making ends meet. It then showed him taking his family out to eat and having a distressed look as the the cashier told him, "That'll be $24.09." Note to guy: Don't go out to eat!!!!!
  • Keith over at taught me how to link to a youtube video and have it start at a particular point of the video without having to fast forward. You can learn how to here. And the above portion of the infomercial about the going-out-to-eat-guy can be jumped to here (as I put that youtube trick to work.)
  • How could you possibly call yourself "undecided" in the Presidential election?
  • I finished the Tulia book - great stuff. And if there's any tragic figure it's former DA Terry McEachern. That's what happens when a small town DA accepts every case that walks in the door and fails to question anything that law enforcement does.
  • Every week I see somebody taking a picture of the Decatur courthouse.
  • You'll hear about the occasional murder-for-hire that gets thwarted. I wonder how many unsolved murders were successful murder-for-hires?
  • Golfer John Daly passed out at Frilly's Hooters. (Link includes mugshot.)
  • I spent a buck on the lottery the other other night (first time in months.) But my routine is always the same: Never look at the numbers and wait to hear on the news whether a winning ticket was sold in the town I bought it in. If I don't hear about it, I throw it away.
  • Man, there was a video floating around yesterday of a Houston Cougar receiver snapping his leg after he ran into some band equipment that hadn't been removed from the sideline after halftime. I think it happened on Tuesday night -- but I couldn't click on it because I hate seeing stuff like that.


Anonymous said...

Barry, i thought the exact same thing last night watching that Obama crap last night, if your struggling, do go out to eat!! and i just happened to be watching that Houston vs Marshal game when that WR hit the cart, its awful. makes you cring when you watch it. you can see it all. felt bad for him but atleast he's a good enough guy to not blame Marshal for the accident.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin in the end probably helped McCain more than hurt. Obama's choice of a 36 year politics as usual Washington goofball should have revealed that Obama hasn't a clue about real change. Palin is loathed because of her decency, morals, intelligence coupled with being articulate and attractive, and worst of all, she is as common as Barry Green. This election should be an epiphany concerning the rate of decline for our nation.

Anonymous said...

My Hemroids are feeling better today after Obamas infomercial, having smoke blown up your butt seems to make the swelling go down.

If three million homeowners getting Federal help drives you insane, are you just going to go flat-ass nuts when Obama, Pelosi and Reid began ramrodding the money to every person who doesn't feel "above all else they need to pay their bills"? The big story about people not able to pay for their homes is a whopping 2% of Americans have been foreclosed on, everyone else is making their payments. The media has blown this way out or proportion to help their agenda. His method of change is letting the Federal Government take care of everyone and everything with your tax dollars.

John Daly must have bigger issues than alcohol which have not surfaced. Maybe he was teased as a kid for being "hefty", who knows. He needs to stick to golf because he can't sing. What an idiot, all that money and he flushes it down the crapper because of bad choices. Maybe Obama can help him out.

Sarah Palin has not hurt the McCain campaign. You're listening to too many "talking-head-pundits". Sarah Palin worries the media because she won't play their game and might be the first to tell them to stick it. The way they've treated her so far, what harm would it do at this point. As well, your comment sounds as if Obama has already won. Let's wait until 11-05.

Anonymous said...

So Barry,
My question is with the Tulia the public safer with a DA that is not endorsed by law enforcement. It almost seems like a system of checks and balances to elect a DA that is not the choice of law enforcement. Just Thinking!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Barry, after reading the Tulia book, don't you see the possibility of your good friends Lowery and Walker being "too close"

Yes, they are individually good men, but I am not sure we are not laying the ground work for a Tulia situtation here in Wise Co.

Both positions have incredible discretionary decision making leeway. There needs to be checks and balances if we are going to be served. The Tulia DA probably thought he "could handle it" but look at the results.

Anonymous said...

gotta agree with 8:45. The media has gone beyond reporting the news. Its full of opinions and editorials of the writers view. What they really want to do is scare the crap out of you, so you'll tune in for more. Is your child a potential gay mass murderer? Stay tuned for more information.

Anonymous said...

Random Thursday Morning Quote:

The tax on capital gains directly affects investment decisions, the mobility and flow of risk capital... the ease or difficulty experienced by new ventures in obtaining capital, and thereby the strength and potential for growth in the economy.

John F. Kennedy

He was much smarter than his brother Ted.

Anonymous said...

By all accounts, Palin is a drag on the team.......except with the base.......a base that wasn't going anywhere. McCain needs to get independents (like me) and Reagan Democrats to side with him.....Palin doesn't do it.

One very obvious pont re Palin: All she had to do was "Say No" to the 150K wardrobe. An example of her Maverick spirit?

I am not comfortable with Obama, ( yes, I am troubled by some of his associations)but McCain/Palin are too over the top.

They have not demonstrated they are going to be any different than reality they prove daily that they are using the Rove strategy of negative campaigning.
I want something far different from Bush.

Anonymous said...

Story from Drudge;
Says Huffington Post writer killed her lover by stabbing her twenty-two time with a Phillips-head screwdriver. I thought liberals didn't believe in killing. She was probably against the war but went ahead and stabbed her former "lover" to death. And just think, these are the type of wacko's that liberals listen to. Druge also say's Grace Jones cannot stand Palin; First question, does she not realize no one cares what she thinks? Second question, does she not realize she's a bafoon and that most don't care for her? Third question, does Drudge really believe that's news? Drudge must be hurting.

Anonymous said...

Barry, has no one ever told you that you can win significant amounts of money off a lottery ticket that only has SOME of the numbers right. And those will never be mentioned on the news.

So dude. If you're actually going to buy a lottery ticket, CHECK THE NUMBERS.


Anonymous said...

Ya know, sometimes your lottery ticket could be a "winner" just not the big winner. You could be missing out on some free cash? I don't buy lotto tickets... just saying

Anonymous said...

Re: the Ford guy in Obama's film.

No questions the unions have over reached over time. Union contracts will have to be broken if the Big Three are to survive.

On the other hand, this attitude of CEO's that I am cutting the work force by 30% and you guys who are left are going to pick up the equally wrong and who is speaking up here?

The bottom line is whose ox is going to be gored? We subsidize Exon (200B profit last year) We subsidize farmers........even pay them not to plant crops. We give raceway owners tax abatements.

There is no solution until everyone realizes that for me to have "it my way" someone else is going to have less.

I have no problem paying for my own healthcare.....if it were affordable and someone was watching the insurance company. My homeowners ins premiums continue to rise at the same time it covers less and less........who is regulating these guys?

I don't so much need a handout as I need someone minding the store so that I am not taken advantage of by Phil King's unregulated electric companies, my various insurance companies, and my employer who controls my 401 possibilities.

Anonymous said...

finally, a real leader...


Anonymous said...

9:05 JFK was a capitalist. Here is a Random Thursday Morning quote from a Marxist:

"What I’ve said is that I would look at raising the capital gains tax for purposes of FAIRNESS!" Obama 08.

Anonymous said...

9:19 - yes, in today's mail, here comes the car insurance - up again - no notice at all - and for every year we age, up goes the health insurance (though dismal in thought, someone said it would be cheaper to die?)

I'm just simply in the wrong business.

So is Phil King.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how slutty outfits on fugly people makes the "hey now" pic of the day. Your standards are going down like the DOW. Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...


Regarding your post from Wed. longing for a live feed of Mr. 12-21-2012...i hate to disappoint, but unless you want to watch him play solitaire the feed won't do you much good. Waiting for the end is such tedious business.

Anonymous said...

DOW is up 121 points.

Anonymous said...

There are legitimate questions/differences on what we want from our government.

I have served my country in Korea, I have used Unemployment payments, once for three month till I found a job. I have been gainfully employed for 35 years.

I really only want my government to protect me from the sharks! But my government (both parties) is owned by the sharks.

The school wants more of my money. The county wants more of my money.
I get very little service from either.

Depressing as all of this is, I still tear up at the sound of my National anthem, or the passing of my flag. McCain or Obama......well they most likely will be more of the same.......but they are both a darn site better than alot of leaders and this USofA is still one heck of a place to live.

Anonymous said...

This blog is goin down faster than the head actress in a porn flick.

Anonymous said...

9:28, Congratulations!!
You've just made the dumbest comment "in the history of ever", as Barry would say. There are two words in the dictionary to describe a leader or to lead. Those two words that assist in the definition are "guidence" and "result". What has Obama truly done that makes him a "real leader"?

Anonymous said...

This is not an election between Democrat and Republican candidates, but an election between Liberal and Conservative ideologies. It has been building to this since the 2000 election with Bush/Gore. That is why Palin is hated so much by the die hard Liberals since she represents the basic cnservative view, more so even than McCain, who is a moderate. That is also why the Liberals attack her so viciously.

Anonymous said...

Barry:"There's a headline in the Star Telegram today that reads, "Three Million Homeowners Could Get Federal Help." That drives me insane"

Me: Would you feel better if nothing was done and your home's value dropped say 25%? The federal help is actually for all of us, if it works.

Anonymous said...

I just have one thing to say....

If you didn't vote by the time the polls close on Tuesday, don't be bitching about the results on Wednesday.

VOTE people.

Double Fake U.S. of A. Constitution

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as conservative or liberal. I know of no one who follows either philosophy consistently. The group who wants less gov wants to the gov to tell me what I can do in my bedroom or how many kids I can not have. Yet another group wants equity, yet equity is unachievable......does anyone really think 98% of the black community are voting anything but their color.......that's not equity.

We all vote our self interest....not the good of the country. Politicians cross the country tell us all what we think we want to hear and don't worry about being consistent.

Anonymous said...

I love the stories of Obammy's relatives that live in huts and the projects but the mainstream media won't report on it. The ole boy sure is a compassionate millionare isn't he? He want's us to give up our hard earned income to help them. That's what is called do as I say, not do as I do. I also saw where 23% of Texans believe O Hussein is a muslim. That just tells me that 77% of Texans are ignorant.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing as some of you, watching several of the stories in the Obama special last night. Why were they going out to dinner? Why were they buying anything?

Why shouldn't they? Why can't the man WORKING be able to pay $24.00 without worrying.

IT COSTS AT LEAST $20 TO MAKE AN AUTHENTIC WHOLESOME HOME COOKED MEAL FOR FOUR. (Pot roast, vegetables, bread, milk and the stuff to make it all taste good, salt, butter, flour, spices, etc.)

I remember those days, where it was a treat to get pizza one night a week.

I now make a pretty decent living. My employer doesn't carry group health insurance. Employers with less than (?) employees, don't have to have benefits. I pay a quarter of my salary for health ins. 1/4!!!

Just to make that more dramatic, that is over $1600 a month!!!. House payment,car payment,auto ins, life ins (must have with kids), electric bill, phone bill, cell phone, water bill, groceries, gas, clothes & shoes for 4. Just the necessary bills to live, take up to an additional 55%.

Not to mention if any of us actually get sick. $35 copay and $3000 out-of-pocket (had it happen). Without dental insurance. We pay an average of $1000 a year. Another 5% gone.

Then t-ball, gymastics,etc...

Do poor kids get to do things like that? If they don't, they should. It all costs money. What did their parents have to sacrifice so their child could get to play in a team?

That leaves me maybe 15% of my salary left.

I forgot about the taxes taken out my check right away. Duh. So lets take away 6%. (it is actually more but I get a refund).

Guess what I have 9% left. I save 6% (401k & kids education).

3% left. I get pizza twice a week!

I'm not looking for a hand out either, but I am damn tired of paying for BIG business and their "parachutes".

Funny thing though, America has the fattest poor people!!! LOL Damn, take your family for a walk after your pizza. It's free.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday,I saw on the news that the FED dropped interest rates, does that mean that the loan shark credit card companies are going to drop their interest rates. Maybe if everyone got rid of their credit cards they could pay their mortages. Maybe the government should think about helping individuals pay off their credit cards and get away from that high interest that is being paid. They could do it. Set up a fund so individuals could apply for the total they owe and pay the government back instead of dealing with banks.

Anonymous said...

Randon Thursday Thoughts
B I G T I M E!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

after baraks infomercial last night im convinced the country is sunk. its odvious that dem voters cant even take care of themselves, so as conservative numbers decrease there will be less and less money to take care of them. in time the country will be a bunch of sniveling fatbodies whining because the government wont take care of them.

Anonymous said...

My mother's family is from another country/continent. We do not speak the same language. I've never had any contact with them, especially after my mother's death.

It's sad but reality - I don't have any connection with them and would not know if they are alive or dead. That does not make me a bad person - that means they are not my family but blood relatives only. You all have cousins of varying degrees (assuming your tree forks) that you do not financially support.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! McCain's a socialist!!

Jarhead said...

I hope they don't take a street view of Brandon Davis' house in Rhome because "[he] want[s] people to know that [he's] a soldier and can handle the problem permanently."

Anonymous said...

1:25, I'm waiting for Obammy to take care of them with my money.

wordkyle said...

Re Palin - Opinions are funny things. They don't have to be supported. Sarah Palin has been disparaged by the media more than any VP candidate since Quayle. Were any of the other 3 candidates asked quizbook style questions by the media?

Re Obama's infomercial families - Let's see if they are investigated anywhere near as much as Joe the plumber was. What possessions and "toys" do they own? Are they responsible for their own situation? (A bet: we'll never know.)

A question: What will be the response if Obama loses on Tuesday? (Another bet: the media will start declaring Obama the winner at about noon.) We know that there will be violence in the inner cities. We also know that Democrats will scream "cheating" yet again.

If nothing else, the mainstream media has lost any remaining shred of credibility during this campaign. Their coverage of some stories (Joe the plumber's license) and lack of coverage of other stories (Obama's dinner with Palestinians and applause of anti-Israeli remarks; a video exists and is in the possession of the LA Times, who refuses to release it) showed that they are beyond bias. And we can count on Democrats to introduce the Fairness Doctrine to try to eliminate the only medium that isn't in the bag for Democrats.

Gorilla said...

I can't wait until Google streetview makes it to Newark. I'll punch in "Methlabs" and the little pink dots will appear all over the place.

Anonymous said...

11:31 anon

THANK YOU for adding a pinch of reality to this blog.

America's poorest and those working but struggling to stretch their food budget have obesity problems because the unhealthiest of foods are subsidized by the government.
ex: high fructose corn syrup
It is expensive to eat fish, fresh veggies & fruit.

Anonymous said...

Obama has extraordinary leadership abilities.

He has inspired a country of people at a time of great despair and cynicism. We are experiencing a record voter turnout for this election.

He has run his campaign extremely efficiently.

I have no doubt he will run his admisitration as efficiently. This country is be in for a major improvement.
Obama will be our next president and we will finally get our country back on track.

Anonymous said...

Palin is an embarrassment to this country.

She is a nice lady, but VP of the USA is far beyond her range. She does not have what it takes.

The left does not hate her. But we have all seen what Bush has done to this country.
We are sick of it. Our country and Americans deserve better.

Palin may be a great hockey mom, but that is as far as it goes.

Anonymous said...


I don't disagree, but here is the problem.....

The reason you don't get "better" candidates is because the "better" ones don't want to go through the BS of running for POTUS and Vice POTUS. Do you want people digging through your life, back to when you were in your teens, to see what dirt they can find on you, your spouse, your family, your friends, etc.???

I can see it now if I were running. Let's say, just for example, they find my old high school girlfriend and interview her. More than likely the quotes from that interview would be something like..."I swear, that boy had could NOT keep his hands off of me"..."He kissed like a fish"..."The word 'No' just seemed to make him try even harder"...and finally..."My pet name for him 10 second man, I probably don't need to explain that one....HEHEHE."

Oh yeah, I'm going to run for office with THAT ghost in my closet.

Double Fake 10 Second Man

wordkyle said...

404 Palin has run a town as a mayor and a state as a governor. Obama has run...what? The Presidency is an executive position. Obama has no executive experience at all.

And you guys say Palin is out of her league?

Anonymous said...

Palin and Judgement

She could have said no to the 150K wardrobe. That is a fact. Not a liberal opinion, not a media opinion. That is a fact. Yet, that isn't the way they do things in Alaska.

Historians will record that McCain over-reached hoping to capitalize on the "Hillary/woman" factor, hoping for a media blitz following the Demo convention. He got the latter. But reality soon set in.

However, his first presidential like decision was flawed. There were better Repubican women. There were better Republican men.

Palin is not ready for prime time.

She may still be president some day. She is a communication major. She gets the creds and she will be a player.

However, history hasn't been kind to defeated VP candidates. Although she hasn't been defeated yet and she may be VP>

wordkyle said...

Palin's clothes? That's it? How about this perspective:

"...a few days before Labor Day, the governor of Alaska turned into a vice-presidential candidate, who had to show up in front of the nation for the next 60 days, several times a day, always looking camera-ready, and impeccably turned out.

"She also had to project that new, somewhat amorphous thing: female power. We, as a nation, have not yet been led by a woman, and we aren't sure what it looks like. It will, of course, vary from woman to woman, depending on her personal needs and style, but not so much. Can't be too sexy, too severe, or too casual. For sure it requires perfectly fitted, constructed jackets, with a serious shoulder line, in good quality fabrics. Nowhere are those cheap.

"Palin had to look at least as good as the women we see on TV all the time. You may not realize it, but you don't see Katie Couric or Diane Sawyer or any of the on-camera female talent at the networks, CNN or Fox in off-the-rack stuff from Macy's. It is all upscale designer stuff, and at the low end it costs a couple of thousand per outfit. Always. Hair and make-up is done, professionally, any time you see them, at the cost of much time and money.

"That is the visual standard women at the upper end of politics must meet. Condoleezza Rice, who needed to project power, figured it out. Others have not. If Palin hadn't bothered with any of it, we would have heard about that too."

Anonymous said...

Here's the Jist of what Wordy is saying.

Palin will be President VERY Soon because McCain is too old. So Vote for Palin as President. She's more qualified because she's been a Govenor for two years, Just like George Bush was and he's been excellent for the United States of America.

No thanks WordByle, I've certain America has "Risked" enough on that crap shoot. Let's try a different direction for a change.

wordkyle said...

1030 - wow, I'm impressed. You crammed more lapses of logic, irrational bias and wrong conclusions in the fewest words I've ever seen.

1) The type of people who comment seriously that McCain is too old and will die in office, is the same type that says Obama won't last because some crazed racist will assassinate him. Which theory is craziest?

2) Palin is more qualified for Vice President than Obama is for President. Her accomplishments are well documented. If you want to dispute this, simply list Obama's past accomplishments that make him more qualified.

3) Considering what happened 9/11/2001, I would conclude that George Bush's presidency has been very successful. The economy recovered rapidly after the attacks. No more terrorist attacks on American soil since then (which would have been considered a miracle on 9/12/2001.) The increased national debt is a huge negative, but does not justify a rewriting of history. Bitter partisanship -- spurred on by Democrats and the media -- has created a false perception of his tenure in office.

Finally, exactly what "direction" is it that you believe Obama will take the country? His entire adult life before he began campaigning for President, Obama has been a devoted collectivist/socialist. If that's what he is, fine, but why is he disavowing any connection now? And why has he chosen now to distance himself from associations (Wright, Ayers, Khalidi, ACORN) that he's had for years? A reasonable person could easily conclude that Obama is attempting to deceive voters.

When you say "direction" I don't think you know what Obama means at all. And you want to talk about risk....

Anonymous said...

I rest my case. Thanks for the Looney Closing Wordbyle

Anonymous said...

You can parse it anyway you want, but it still comes down to "No thank you, my clothes are good enough for Alaskans, good enough for the rest of America.

There are quite a few levels of stores between "my favorite consigment store" Neimans

She would have looked fine in all of them.

It was an error in judgement on both her part and McCains. All t hey needed to do was to say it and it would have been forgotten.

Clothes don't make the man or woman. Personally I am far more concerned about her kids. They should be in school! Not props for a campaign trip. To me another error in judgement.

Should she loose, and she hasn't yet, I'll bet you a dollar's worth of donuts she doesn't make the same mistakes again.

wordkyle said...

812 - Of course you quit, with what you consider a witty rejoinder, and without stepping up to answer the questions. That one about Obama's previous achievements must have really hit home.

845 - The point, which I guess you missed, is that her clothes were not "good enough," at least when it comes to winning a national election. Women are judged by their looks more than men are. If she showed up somewhere poorly dressed, it would have made headlines (and given the Liberal blogosphere ammunition in that direction.) For Liberals, there was no correct decision she could have made. As for admitting an error and then it's forgotten, you've got to be kidding. Republican errors are never forgotten, and Democrat errors are never remembered.

Please elaborate on what you know about Palin's school-age children. Are they with her all the time? Or only on weekends when there is no school? Are they receiving tutoring while they are with their mother?

Your post makes it appear that you have a lack of interest in obtaining information before reaching a conclusion. That seems to be the pattern among Obama supporters.