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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • You'd think it be easier to find pics of hot girls in Halloween outfits, but it's not.
  • I think I've seen Kim Brimer's name more than McCain or Obama's
  • In case you missed, Irving experienced a 3.0 earthquake last night. I'm going up to the courthouse right now to see if it is still standing.
  • Tort King Fred Baron died yesterday. That man became filthy rich by stealing money through asbestos lawsuits --- and my first job out of law school was to help defend against them. What a racket. Edit: A little proof.
  • If there was a TV show that was nothing more than a roving camera in the parking lot at the Texas Motor Speedway, I'd watch it. Big time.
  • This "redistribute the wealth" bit is soooo overplayed by the Republicans. First, that's mighty big talk from a party whose President just demanded (and got) almost a trillion dollars of your tax money redistributed to banks and investment houses. Secondly, our progressive tax system has been doing that for years. Thirdly, considering the number of people that work for the government, redistribution of wealth has become the number one function of our government. Not saying it's right, just saying that's the way it is.
  • Still thinking about the Frozen Frankenmonkey.
  • Almost forgot about Spaghetti Cat.
  • Painting a black eye on you along with a backwards "B" on your cheek would be a funny last minute Halloween outfit.
  • Speaking of, the NBC Today Show folks always dress up on today. Look forward to seeing it. It's the one day that I don't despise Ann Curry.
  • Dallas Mavericks = Fail.
  • Fox 4's traffic guy Chip Waggoner lost his mind this morning by dressing up in a skin tight silver outfit. Then he plopped on an Elvis wig which prompted anchor Tim to ask him, "Are you the fat Elvis or the skinny Elvis?" Funny.
  • I should have gone to Lubbock this weekend for Red Raider/Longhorn game. And the next day I could have swung by Tulia.
  • People are crazy.
  • Had a lady who wanted me to demonstrate my iPhone for her yesterday. I should be a salesman for Apple since I kept beating her down with my, "Oh, yeah, let me show you one other thing."


Anonymous said...

"redistribute the wealth" your right, it's nothing new politicians have been taking from the poor and giving to the rich for decades....reverse robinhood policy!

Remember to pull the tails off of your frankenmonkies,and dont do too many......HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

uncle fester

LandShark 5150 said...

IRAN the Latest to endorse the Chairman Maobamma's bandwagon . William Ayers- Rasheed Khalita---HAMAS . Of course this doesn't make him a bad guy just misunderstood. Hell I'll just judge him on Time at the job ---As Hopeful President --that will be his longest stretch 4yrs.

Anonymous said...

You stole Steve Jobs' trademark line, "Oh, and just one more thing..."

The Jobs Reality Distortion Field is beginning to affect you.

Silicone Alley said...

Your the Iphone god.

Anonymous said...

I was lying in bed in Decatur around midnight when I swear I heard something like a plane about to crash.

I wonder if that was the earthquake!?!?!

wordkyle said...

"Redistribute the Wealth" - Republican politicians are having to answer criticism from Republican voters over the bailout. Why have Democrats, who control Congress (and as Orson Scott Card wrote, arguably helped cause the economic collapse,) been immune? The criticism is that Bush acted like a Democrat.

The progressive tax system is based on the idea that lower income earners need to keep a larger percentage of their income to cover basic needs. It's not a philosophy of redistributing the wealth to meet some esoteric notion of "fairness." Redistribution as a guiding philosophy appears to be Obama's main economic impetus.

That's the big deal.

Anonymous said...

Poor girl in the top picture must be embarrased with her nipple leaking like that.

Anonymous said...

You should have caught the "hot" football action between Division II Tarleton and Angelo State on CBSCHD (Channel 613 on DirecTV) last night!! Go Texans!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, Barry, people ARE crazy.

Be thankful for that - it keeps you working!!


Anonymous said...

Re "people are crazy"

Are you taking family law cases now?

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle ... blah, blah, blah

Anonymous said...

Campaign financing laws haven't worked. Wonder if we could legislate the campaign's length.

Say all campaigning must be done within 30 days of the election..........instead of this two years and growing.

Right now, the election is the only part of our economy that's growing. Frankly, I made my mind up a long time ago........

Anonymous said...

"People are crazy" It's a well known side effect from the drug called life.

Berry you can become the new"TORT KING" and sue Barnett shell drilling companies for the earth quakes,resulting in people walking on shaky ground.

Beam me up Scotty there are crazy people on this planet!

Anonymous said...

Here is a story from the Messenger that I am surprised that you did not mention. Seems that Joe Duty just got an award from a very prestigious organization:

Duty earns award for photo

By Staff | Published Sunday, October 26, 2008
The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) representatives, Jeannie Diehl, AANR Member Trustee, and Lucy Heide, AANR-SW Region President, presented Wise County Messenger photographer Joe Duty with a plaque recently for a photograph which appeared on the front page of the Wise County Messenger about Wildwood Naturist's Resort's Skinnydipper Sun Run 5K in April.

AANR represents nearly 50,000 members and their families throughout the United States, Canada, the Mexican Caribbean and beyond. The photograph was selected over many in national publications.

Heide and Diehl accepted the award for Duty at the AANR National Convention in August in Michigan and presented the award to Duty at the AANR-SW Regional Fall Fun Fest.

Anonymous said...

If Barack Osama wins,the only thing that will save us is December 21 2012

Anonymous said...

Yep, I think the earthquake was caused by drilling in the earth and there will probably be more earthquakes. The earth is revolting for being fractured.

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a feature if you voted early you could opt out of all tv political ads and they would just show something else during that time like hot chicks or bunnies hopping around.

I-Phone FYI...if you hold down home and double click the power button you can do a screen shot.

Anonymous said...

I like the tv show park for the Motor Speedway. You should start that as a new business. Maybe it could be some type of Redneck Infomercial that you could make some money on.

Anonymous said...

We must find out exactly what Frozen Frankenmonkey is!!!

Am I one of the crazy ones?

Xanthippas said...

That man became filthy rich by stealing money through asbestos lawsuits --- and my first job out of law school was to help defend against them. What a racket.

I'm sure there are families of people dead of asbestosis or mesothelioma who'd be interested to hear your opinion on that subject.

Anonymous said...


Chocolate milk.

Double Fake Elsie the Cow

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle -

You are wrong. As always.

Orson Scott Card is a ultra conservative Mormon and a science fiction writer says that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and Democrats are somehow to blame for this economic crisis.
Someone with more credibility and far more knowledge in this subject is 2008 Economics Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman who says Alan Greenspan and Phil Gramm are to blame. Krugman is not the only one. Greenspan himself stated F&F were not the cause in recent congressional testimony. As well as many, many other credible economist. Because of economic crisis' complexity, Repubs feel they can say anything and their followers - you - will believe it, as always.

Freddie and Fannie contributed to sub prime lending problems, but DID NOT cause the economic crisis. As this article clearly points out. Private firms, not F&F made most of the sub prime loans.

Federal Reserve Board data show that:
*More than 84 percent of the subprime mortgages in 2006 were issued by private lending institutions.

*Private firms made nearly 83 percent of the subprime loans to low- and moderate-income borrowers that year.

*Only one of the top 25 subprime lenders in 2006 was directly subject to the housing law that's being lambasted by conservative critics

Anonymous said...

Speedway reality; I would watch it too.

wordkyle said...

201 - Card's column puts the whole thing into a readable perspective. Although "private firms" issued the majority of subprime loans, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were buying them up from the lenders with money that was essentially government subsidized (as we recently discovered.)

In 2005, Greenspan warned about systemic disaster because of the Fannie Mae situation. From a 2005 article about Greenspan and Fannie Mae:

"Fannie and Freddie buy up billions of dollars of home loans each year, for which they guarantee repayment, and then bundle them into what are called "mortgage-backed securities."

"They also issue bonds called "agency bonds" to fund their mission. These bonds are considered only a little riskier than U.S. Treasury bonds and therefore are widely held by big institutional investors and by some small investors.

"Mortgage-backed securities are also highly popular among investors around the world. For one thing, they are backed by a very high-quality collateral: people's homes. Also, Fannie and Freddie both have a small but guaranteed line of credit with the Treasury Department to fall back on in the event there were widespread mortgage defaults and the value of their portfolio fell."

This column explains the role of Democrats in the scandal.

Please explain how this information, spelled out three years ago by CNN, and which predicted exactly what happened, is incorrect.

wordkyle said...

P.S. Orson Scott Card is a Democrat.

Starr said...

Lubbock is crazy with Red Raider fever right now (more than usual I mean). CRAZY. I drove by "tent city" outside the stadium today - some of the tents are on a steep cement slope right next to new highway construction. Good times.

Anonymous said...



Haven't you noticed? McCain stopped talking about that 2005 bill he said he sponsored that would have regulated F&F and saved the day. Why?

It was 2005. Republicans held a majority in congress and Republican President. They didn't need Democrats. What happened?

This little turd showed up in your party's punch bowl last week:
AP Press: Freddie Mac secretly paid a Republican consulting firm $2 million to kill legislation that would have regulated and trimmed the mortgage finance giant and its sister company, Fannie Mae....

Some good reading there.

Republicans ((Not the Democrats )) were targeted by DCI -lobbying group to "kill the bill" . - the Republicans were lobbied!

$$$ for the Republicans and they said they would vote against this bill ! Goodbye regulation!!

DCI's chief executive is Doug Goodyear, whom John McCain's campaign later hired to manage the GOP convention in September What a cozy relationship! Not to mention lobbyist Rick Davis, McCains campaign manager.

Hell, it is no wonder they are losing. Give it up Wordkyle!

wordkyle said...

550 - First, since we're discussing the legislation to regulate Fannie Mae, I gather that you concede the impact their failure had on the financial collapse.

I'd like to know how DCI is considered a "Republican" consulting firm. Provide documentation other than one reporter's wording.

Let's look at this. All Democrats -- every single one -- opposed tighter regulation of Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae, which Democrats defended, hired a firm to lobby Republicans who wanted more regulation. Why would Fannie Mae lobby those who were already on their side?

From your cited article: "In the end, there was not enough Republican support for Hagel's bill to warrant bringing it up for a vote because Democrats also opposed it and the votes of some would be needed for passage." In other words, some of the Democrats would have had to vote for the bill for it to pass, and some Republicans didn't want to bring a bill up that was doomed to defeat. Remember, ALL of the Democrats were against tighter regulation.

Your "evidence" is hardly compelling compared to the videos from 2004 that show Democrats vigorously defending Fannie Mae and Franklin Raines.

Anonymous said...


Your response makes no sense at all.

Guess that's the strategy when you are lose the argument.

wordkyle said...

1225 - Please explain what part of my post confuses you. It seemed pretty clear when I wrote it. For example, you used an exclamation point (!) to say "Republicans were lobbied" by Freddie Mac. I pointed out that FM wouldn't bother to lobby Democrats who were already in the bag for them. Was that unclear?

In tiny, baby steps, here's the point:
1) Democrats enabled the FMs to go too far and too long without supervision, leading to their failure.
2) The failure of the FMs led to the economic collapse.
3) Thus, Democrats are responsible for the economic collapse.

Get it?

Anonymous said...


You do not 'get it'. Not at all.

Here is the problem.

You do not seek the truth.
You only seek agreement.

You are wrong about the economic collapse. But you do not wish to further understand.

I have provided you with a great deal of information. You have read it or disregarded it I am not sure which, but you clearly refuse to digest facts that do not agree with your point of view. There must be psychological block.

I encourage you to carefully review all the information provided. There is nothing else I can do here.

wordkyle said...

357 - You have cited a single (quite biased) news article and then assumed smug superiority.

From testimony about the economic collapse to the congressional committee:

Greenspan: "[Fm/FM] were a significant factor, but not the cause." (Greenspan blamed his own "world view," although what ultimately happened with FM/FM was exactly what Greenspan had predicted in 2005.)

SEC Chairman Christopher Cox: "I think that there is no question that the GSEs at FM/FM played a significant role in the subprime crisis and in fact in the creation of structured securities and the market for those."

Former Treasury Secretary John Snow: "One of the primary contributors among all the other contributors is certainly the role of Fannie and Freddie."

Democrats blasted Greenspan during his October 23 testimony because he did not call for more regulation. Yet in 2004, Democrats fought against increased regulation of FM/FM. This is a plain and simple truth, and the point of my previous post.

Anonymous said...

You've posted those girls before.

Still toe lickable.