What In The World?

From the guy that sent the Frozen Frankenmonkey picture (yep same guy), comes this pic as he stands in front of a soft drink machine.


M-M said...

What planet is that snapshot feeding person habitating on? They must raise and consume monkeys like we do chickens and cows.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was jungle bunny juice. I can't believe I've been wrong all these years.

Anonymous said...

After jungle monkeys consume jungle monkey juice... they get the courage to face sharpshooting rednecks with spears!

Drink jungle monkey juice:It will bring the jungle monkey out of you!

Did anyone notice that the regginal denny riots did not happen in dallas???I guess they dont sell jungle monkey juice in dallas!

white sheet willy

Anonymous said...

The official drink of Obammy Nation.

Anonymous said...

Barr - there was a bad motorcycle wreck on 51 in front of Sonic tonight. What, not posted yet? I wonder how the guy's doing?

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Shoot, that jungle juice ain't got nuthing on Booty Sweat!!!

The drink for playas!!!


Mr. Mike Honcho said...

And don't forget... if you love tha P, then a little booty Juice and a Bust a Nut Bar go a long way!!!


Buckwheat said...

Bust a Nut Bar

Now that's funny!