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Friday Morning Random Thoughts

- Potential falling glass in downtown Fort Worth is interesting but not worthy of being the lead story on all local affiliates
- I continue to like those crazy Sonic commercials with the guy/guy guy/girl combos. The new "2.0" one makes me laugh.
- The video of the girl getting beat up that has been on all the news (like it's the only one on the Internet???) has led to the arrest of eight teenagers, according to Channel 5 news this morning. The station also said "they would all be tried as adults." Please. Welcome to misdemeanor-every-day assault.
- "American Idol" highlights on the news whip me to no end.
- It's snowing in Minnesota today. That would drive me nuts.
- The American Airlines cluster is, well, a cluster. But its CEO, Gerard Arpey, needs to stay off TV. In accepting responsibility yesterday, he fired off more "Uhs" than a teenager.
- "Ann Curry is on assignment today . . . . " What? Journalism school?
- It seems like any neighbor that is interviewed on the news (whether after a fire, high winds, crime, etc.) is always a minority. Then again, I don't see people in color.
- The Polygamist Compound raid remains weird. Cops sweep up 400 children and women based upon an anonymous phone call of a 16 year old girl - a 16 year old that hasn't been found.
- I began watching "Once" but gave up on it. Guy is lonely. Guy meets girl. Guy thinks about old girlfriend. I turn off DVD. (I've started on "Into The Wild" which is a little silly since I just read the book.)
- Cute youtube video that everyone has posted but you can never get enough of.


Hoperunsonpremium said...

Yesterday I was mowing and the mower started running out of gas. I shut the blade off and headed for the garage,rolling in just as it ran dry. Any other time I would have been on a slope or bottom of the drainage ditch or something.
I think everythings going to start being better for me.

Anonymous said...

Somebody was proud of their new teef. That kid is ice cold-he's going to be an assassin or something.

betty boop said...

Barry, you have to be a fan of music to really enjoy "Once"...the movie was very simple and sweet, but the music was great. I knew you wouldn't like it...should have checked with me first!

Anonymous said...

This FLDS story really doesn't bring out any "shocking details" that we haven't heard before, over the years. Adult women and female teens will always be subjected to these weird situations, sometimes from a religious basis, as far as I can tell. Quirky situations like this really bring up law enforcement issues that are very difficult, I think.

I very quickly find myself taking the law enforcement side, because the horrible facts that the media and law enforcement people publicize. But I keep wondering if I'm jumping to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Uh, those teenage girls that beat the other teenage girl are also charged with false imprisonment. They wouldn't let her leave.

She had a concussion, and is partially blind and deaf now.

Anonymous said...

The teen group beat down in Florida was much more violent than an everyday misdemeanor assault. The clip only shows a flash of the violence. The assault continued for 30 minutes. The victim was knocked unconscious at one time. The girls waited for her to come to and then they resumed the torture. These girls also showed no remorse and used bodyguards to monitor the front door. This was well beyond a misdemeanor assault. A couple slaps and hairpulls in the bathroom is a misdemeanor assault, this was pure brutality and ruthlessness.

Anonymous said...

Barry, what is it with your website running so slowly. I've noticed that it seems to be taking longer and longer to logon and once you're logged on you can log off.

Another problem is that when you click on comments it drags on and on.

Are others having the same problems?

Other Websites load very fast but not this one.

FYI-I am on an extremely high speed service and not dial up.

Anonymous said...

Rule Number 1--If you don't want your finger bitten, don't stick it into someone else's mouth!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Barry, inquiring minds want to know.......what happened to the Friday Dance Offs????

Anonymous said...

Barry,have you ever thought of being a blogger? You'd be great at that I bet.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Mr. Green, long time, no visit. You mentioned snowing in Minnesota, more like a white out with 25mph winds. 12-16 inches before it ends on Saturday. This is the second one in a weeks time, makes a Texan living in MN ill-mannered at tmes! Hubby got a new Artic Cat Prowler for Christmas, makes for great times in the snow.

I read/heard on the news about the nasty weather all of you have been having there, stay safe people!!! Mother Nature and her Hot Flashes, scare me.

Have a safe and fun weekend,


Will try and send pics for you later.

Anonymous said...


Impeach Arpey
AA is sAAtan in its finest form of human greed!

AnObiter said...

LOL....I love Chahlie! His brother makes me laugh every time...

wordkyle said...

I had seen the headlines about the cheerleader assault, but didn't watch any of the video until yesterday. It was the part where the victim is crying and begging to go home. One of the assailants responds by punching her in the face.

This hit me hard, as I imagined if it were one of my kids being treated that way. I would go medieval on somebody.

This is evil. There is no pity or compassion for the girl. Their lack of remorse after they were caught makes it worse. The assailants and their lookout boys need to go away to a dark place for a long long time.

In this case retribution, not rehabilitation, needs to be the goal.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the Polygamist compound mess. It is mind boggling how stupid some women can be.

Hopefully that sixteen year old will be found.......alive!

baddad said...

I would kill every person involved if my child was assaulted like that. And in kill I mean blow their heads off with a shotgun,gut shoot them with a pistol and stab them in the face,that kind of kill,not as in some type of metaphysical metaphor for violence in the cyber age kind of kill.

Anonymous said...

"Always" was way better

Anonymous said...

wordkyle, don't be like that. You constantly post about people should pull themselves out of a situation.

That girl should of pulled herself up by her bootstraps!!

Anonymous said...

About American Airlines .... the bonuses for the CEO and a dozen or so of his Vice Presidents will get 1.5 million each this comming week (I think it is the 15th) and 900 lower level managers are getting 60 grand each.

And they have told the other labor groups (employees) that they cant restore them back to the previous wages they gave up to keep the company out of bankrupcy.

If any of you think this was a bad week at American ...wait till this week when they take thoses bonuses off the backs of the rank and file. It is not going to be a safe week to fly ....

Now lets hear from word bile and the other anti labor scabs on the blog ....blah ..blah ..blah ...quit your job ...blah blaqh ...go to college and be a doctor ... and of course I can hear Mzchief now .."It must Suck To Be Poor".

Anonymous said...

First, thanks for leaving the photo of Mischa Barton named "mischabarton.jpg". It is stupid when you post a stolen pic and rename it pic1234.jpg.

Second, yes this website has become slow as the firing neurons of a yellow dog Democrat voter. Not sure why, unless you're posting too many imbedded youtube videos that need to preload before the website pops up.

FakeMsBakerenglishteacher said...

Oow, Chahlie that horts!-translation-Oow,Charlie that hurts!

Givnitup said...

Update on the mower: Went and bought gasoline. I'm broke,only had about 7.00$.Which didn't get tank to half full. I can't afford to fill a mower up-I'm going to shoot myself in the face and get this game over with.

Anonymous said...

Barry,would honestly like to hear a review of Into The Wild since you've also recently read the book. I'll hang up and take my answer off the air thanks.