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Oh, My

I'm not going to sit around and watch a complete NASCAR event, but today I did have my television invention tuned to the Texas Samsung Coors Light Dickies Copenhagen 500. And, then, my ear drums were permanently damaged.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we were lucky she wasn't asked to sing the National Anthem!!

Ryan said...

I see you discovered a new toy to put screenshots on the spin.

Anon said...

I didn't want to ask,I intended to ponder it out philosophically(that word looks looooong,did I misspell it?) But anway, why is our beloved WC a cult?

Heathsgirl said...

I miss Heath!!!

Anonymous said...

Go to the race and then your ear drums will be damaged! It is so worth it, though!

Anonymous said...

She sounds so much better when she says, "Let's get ready to rumble".

Anonymous said...

I don't really want to "out" people here on the blog, but I'm fairly certain that woman IS mzchief.

Anonymous said...

Observations from working at the track campground this past weekend.

comment: "If Foxworthy came out here, he would have material for the next ten years."
My reply: "Naw, I'm sure he's seen most of this before."

After working every race for about the past five years, saw my first gratuitous display of full frontal boobage. Assessment: Not impressed. Triple fake unnatural. I would sue that quack if I had paid for those (which I would not).

Some folks can be really drunk and still walk (and drive!), but not make any kind of sense. There's always the possibility that they make no sense when sober, either.

I have never attended a race at TMS or any other NASCAR event, and don't really care who wins.

Worked there four days and saw only one person wearing a suit, sans tie. He appeared to have just come from the airport to conduct some business with a vendor
ME: you stick out like a sore thumb around here.
HIM: How so?
ME: You're waaaaay overdressed for this event.
HIM: (facetiously) You mean most people don't go to the race dressed like this?
ME: Not from this campground they don't!
He caught hell from several people about being overdressed. Good natured about it, though.

Good slogans seen on T-shirts:
"I'm the designated passenger."
"I get sh*tfaced drunk. How do you handle stress?"

billie said...

A waste of time, NASCAR.

NCAA tournament is worth your time. These kids can play. Watch tonight's game and enjoy the action.

Anonymous said...

NASCAR contributes to global warming. At least that's the data that I read from Al Bore. He said that the main reason the Ice Age(but he didn't say which one) ended was because of NASCAR sixty thousand years ago. He said that he passed legislation to prohibit NASCAR and the next year the earth started cooling down again. The man is brilliant. He needs to ride in on a white horse and save the liberal weenie party from imploding.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 9:06...

I have a BRITISH accent and weight 112 pounds.

Thanks for letting me know you STILL care.