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Getting All Vote Happy Up In Here

Wise County Election Results HERE. (This is a google spreadsheet which I'm using tonight. From my testing to today, the maximum amount of time it takes from a revision to being published on the Internet is five minutes. Be sure to hit "refresh" for the latest results.)

But I'll post the early votes below on a couple of races. They normally are released shortly after 7:00 p.m.:

County Attorney (early voting results)
Thomas Aaberg 538
James Stainton 522
Marilyn Belew 431

Sheriff (early voting results)
David Walker 1314
David Allen 296

EDIT: A few precincts have delivered their ballots to election head quarters but are being held until more are turned in by other precincts "in order to save paper." I'm not making this up.


County Attorney:
Thomas Aaberg 1485
James Stainton 2026
Marilyn Belew 1518

David Walker 4313
David Allen 1167