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No Way

It's weird how when you read a story about someone you don't know you just assume it's true. But if you know the person, you can often have just the opposite reaction.

Case in point: Tarrant County Judge Elizabeth Berry is facing heat because an email which allegedly bore her signature (a cursive jpg signature that she never uses) had this in it:
"Judy, we will talk in-depth later about the Reggie issue. I agree with you, though. I am not at all satisfied. Who does that fat [N-word] think he is anyway? We will handle him one way or another!"
I know Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a friend of mine. Elizabeth is no racist. (Funny story about our first meeting here.) Disclaimer: I practice law in only Wise and Jack Counties and never appear before her in Tarrant County.

The Dallas Morning News story basically gives you enough information to conclude that the allegations aren't true. And you would think that, at the very least, the email could be traced back to a particular computer at a particular day and time which should clear her name. In the meantime, she gets her name associated with the "N word". Not good times.