The Campaign For DA


Quick Random Morning Thoughts

- Man, it's carnage on the Dallas and Collin County roads. Remember people: When icy roads are outlawed, only icy roads will have guns.
- Take a look at Texas Tech's last three games. The team is bipolar.
- It's election day. Vote the way I would want you to.
- 1 in 480 Americans are threatened with fines if they don't fill out the long census forms. (The David Lieber column is here - unfortunately, in true Lieber form, it takes him 34 paragraphs to say what could be said in six.)
- Someone commented that I sometimes comment anonymously. Ain't true.
- I'd love to see a video of this: The Ticket mentioned this morning that at 9:05 last night during the Mav's game in Utah, the cameras were panning the audience during a cheerleader dance routine. The camera then focused on a mom in her 30s and her 10 year old son dancing away. Awkward moment: The kid began slapping his mom's booty as she danced. I soooo want to see this.
- Craziest criminal defendant ever is on trial in Fort Worth. Words of advice: Don't call the prosecutor the P word and try not to have 666 tattooed on your Unit. Although I'm sure the latter was a huge crowd pleaser with the ladies.