Hypothetical To Contemplate This Afternoon

The Ticket morning crew proclaimed this "the greatest hypothetical ever." You must learn one of the following: (1) The time of your death, or (2) the manner of your death. If you chose the time of your death, you have the advantage of planning the rest of your life perfectly. No missed good-byes. Perfect financial planning. But there are by-products. For example, do you tell your family? Do you want to burden them with that? And wouldn't the last year be filled with dread? The last week? And what about waking up on that final day! And what if you learn that your death is next week? If you chose the manner of death, you have the benefit of doing to prolong your life. For example, if you learn that you will die from a heart attack, you can engage in frequent doctor visits, change your diet, and exercise. But remember, in the end, the heart attack will get you. And it can be a little crazy, too. That is, what if you learn you will die in a plane accident? Yeah, you can avoid plane trips, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be looking towards the sky all the time since one might fall on you. And what if you HAVE to take an emergency plane flight after avoiding a plane for twenty years. Think that would be a white knuckle voyage? Hmmmm.