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This is kinda long, but I thought it was interesting.

 I've written occasionally about "Jeterville." A guy came across my reference to it on the Internet and sent me this email yesterday:

[In] 1977, my parents . . . owned and operated this convenient store and Fina gas station called Jeters. We put up a sign and T-shirts that read "Jeterville, population 6 and 1 cat". Which described our family at the time. A promotional thing my Mom came up with, as I remember. When I came across your writing it took me back to that time in my life. I'm sure you could care less but maybe you'll find some interest in my e-mail. One summer evening, around that same time, I was at the store with Dad . . . when I saw a big tour bus pull up to the store, the gas pumps exactly. I stopped in my tracks at the front window when I saw the most beautiful woman I'd ever experienced. She had long thick flowing blond hair; the kind that when the Texas night wind grabbed it it didn't let go. She wore this long black tattered dress with white skin that was reflected by any light. As she approached the store I began to notice another blond, but her hair was darker, almost red, a tall man with short hair in black leather, and then lastly this tall, lanky man with a beard and long hair; the classic 70's look to me. As they approached the front glass door with me square in the middle of it, in a trance, I didn't move; the blond said " young man, you must have the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen", as she bent down to my level, she kissed me on the forehead. I was shocked. I'd never been kissed before, other than my mother. And as she kissed me she smelled funny to me. Later in life I learned about pot and that was her smell, I'll never forgot that scent. I stepped aside and waited until the lanky man passed through, as Dad pleaded, but lovingly, "Boy, stay out of the way". As if we were visited by royalty. Dad had an expression on his face I had never noticed before . . . . I remember walking out and getting into the tour bus; it was dark with that smell I mentioned before, and Dad and I listening to the women singing to guitar music. I remember the blond giving me another kiss before they left. A short time later Dad said "Boy," (and he never started a sentence to me without starting with boy), "Don't forget tonight, because you spent time with Mick Fleetwood." I really had no clue what he meant until years later. Way later. I, probably in high school, realized I spent time with Fleetwood Mac and was kissed by Stevie Nix, listened and experienced a small piece of their life on the road in the late 70's. I appreciate that experience I had, now, especially now that Mom passed in 1984, Dad passed in 1997 and sister Sammye passed in 1993. Only 3 left in the population of Jeterville, Texas; and no cat . . . Thanks for the memory . . .