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Beaten Down With Ads

Is it just me, or are ads being shoehorned in everywhere? Case in point, when Fox would show a replay last night, they would flash up this graphic for a second or two.

And not to pick on Transformers, but when the Fox NFL pre-game show (which is a beating in general) started up two weekends ago, Kurt Menefee opened up with "Well the Transformers DVD will be released in two weeks but we've got some good games today." (Paraphrasing only slightly.)

And one of the strangest developments is that I'll swear some commercials are being disguised as news on the radio. It was either WBAP or KRLD that did a story a couple of months ago about the anniversary of 7-11's slurpee. But the story ended with "7-11 also has introduced new lasagne dishes in its delis." (Paraphrasing.) That wasn't news. That was a paid commercial.