Dead and Gay

I saw this story yesterday, but the story is picking up steam.

From what I can tell
- A gay guy dies
- Gay guy's brother works in a church
- Church volunteers to hold the funeral for dead gay guy
- Church finds out he is gay
- Church claims that the service, as designed by the family, would show men "hugging and kissing." Family denies this.
- Church says "No funeral here."
- Controversy ensues

Star Telegram story here.

You know, I'm torn on this one. The church has the right to refuse any funeral it wishes. But it would be a bit harsh if it were denying the funeral only because he is gay (that's why some say they are making up the "hugging and kissing" photo excuse.)

Edit: Speaking of The Aid (tangentially) and Not Dead, I just saw that Magic Johnson is 48 today.