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On my "What's Up With SMU?" post from a few days ago, someone has commented representing themselves as "Meaghan's mother". It looks real.


Anonymous said...

I agree with her about parents should be notified when their child stops coming to classes. Even though they are adults, as long as you are paying for their schooling a parent still has a right to know when something is wrong. It's not the school's fault if your child sinks into drugs and alcohol, it IS a parents responsibility to keep in constant communication with their child no matter how old they are or mature they seem.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine the pain that this family is going through having lost so much in their lives. I understand what she is saying about the university not informing the parent. Universities today are all about only talking to the student but it would be nice if you had a child that just stopped going to school; to get a notification of some sort. Most of the time it would just be immaturity or the such....but even that would be nice to be aware of. My prayers to this family. I am so could be anyone's child and if a parent doesn't think it could be....then they have their head in the sand.

Condoleesa said...

I am sorry but I don't think the college has the responsibility to notify parents of anything.

Legally you can vote at 18, enlist in the military and etc. If the parents are paying for the college then they need to be proactive enough to keep up with their kids if that is how they feel.

The college is there to offer an education not babysit for parents.

TXsharon said...

It's actually against the law to notify or inform or discuss the student with his/her parents unless the student gives written permission.