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Grizzly Discovery . . .

. . . in Eagle Mountain Lake in Azle. (I presume it's Eagle Mountain Lake.)


Anonymous said...

probably fetus and therefore perfectly legal

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry, try "grisly." I didn't see any mention of a bear in that story.

Anonymous said...

probably a baby and therefore perfectly tragic

Anonymous said...

I am betting now in Las Vegas that it will involve a Wise County person when all is said and done.

Anonymous said...

probably a partial birth abortion and perfectly disposed of.

Anonymous said...

TxSheehan, Barry has wet dreams about you.

Anonymous said...

Mostly none of the above. The little baby was full term the news at 10 reported. Do not know if Fox News reported the baby as full term, so full term could just be liberal media bias until we find out the truth on Fox News, Limbaugh, or Drudge. However, it seems it was probably an After-Birth Abortion. After Birth Abortions are already aginst the law, but they still happen.
Right Wing Conservative Christian Coalition types could probably stop almost all types of abortion by being willing to take the babies in their homes and raise them as their own. Possibly
give the Mama some money not to go through with an abortion or throw the baby in a dumpster or lake as in the case of an after-birth abortion. It would seem a conservative, no matter how rich or poor, not willing to give
up half of their worldly possessions to stop just one abortion must really be for abortion, or they are
hypocrites if they could stop at least one, but choose not to. If they are wealthy enough to stop
hundreds, more power to them. After Birth, regular, or partial birth abortions are nothing to make light about. If one is so opposed to abortion, they have it in their own power to save one or more.

Anonymous said...

The mother of the baby could have had a legal abortion several months ago at a free abortion clinic. I would be more than happy to take one of those babies in if the idiots out there aborting them would just tell someone that they want to give the baby up instead of dumping the baby in a dumpster or lake.

Anonymous said...

Buying a baby is Illegal, yet to be able to "adopt" a baby, it will cost you $30,000-$45,0000! What is that considered?

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:19 and 11:16,
To me both of what you have said makes a lot of sense and were very

sincere in your comments. To have a baby and not want it and just

"throw it away" is very idiotic and selfish on the part of the Mother.

If these idiots would just leave the baby in a mall or somewhere very

public where it can be found and taken care of is just not that hard of

a decision it would seem. I also hear of programs that a baby can be

left at firestations and no questions asked. The cost of adopting a

child is Stupid. Instead of the abortion protesters hollering how

immoral abortion is, they should be pressuring reps and officials to

make it easier to adopt in our own country without the great expense.
I still wonder if any of the rabid anti-abortion group would be willing

to give up half of everything they personally have or own just to stop

one whatever kind of abortion. Would it be worth the cost, or is it

just too expensive or not just worth it to stop just one. Probably a

good-doer (as opposed to evil-doer) could probably go to one of the

free abortion clinics and stop a potential mother as she goes in and

offer her ten grand or so to have the baby with the committment of

paying her to take care of the child until it is grown. Maybe

thousands could be stopped this way. Anti-Abortion howlers, step up to

the plate and make it happen. That is, if it does not interfere with

your standard of living or lifestyle and you think it is worth it, just

to stop one.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, wonder if Kenny Copeland would give up his entire "Rightous Ranch" to stop just one abortion. He could probably get some takers on this if he advertised. Then maybe agin, his ranch versus one baby saved from abortion might just not be worth it. He would still be opposed to abortion, but in this case, a ranch trade for a fetus life might not be worth it. Maybe some pregnant female out there considering an abortion might contact Kenneth and test this theory.

Anonymous said...

I think if they considered families willing to take kids of any ages into their home, out of the system, it shouldnt cost the new parents anything. No I couldnt afford to hand over $40k all at once, but I COULD love and take care of a child over the years! Someone should look into the cost of adoption, and maybe more families would be involved, and it would take care of the "foster" care program and the kids depending on the system! The program of leaving a baby in a public place Fire Station, Hospital and so forth is not well known. If they worked as hard getting the message out, then maybe more distraught mothers would do it, instead of feeling desperate and no where to turn! In my Opinion.. it is all about EDUCATION!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How about actually holding the mothers, fathers, families responsible for the deaths. Look at the rise of "insane" acts again children. In Texas alone how many mothers have done devestatig things to their childres and are not accountable for the actions!!!!!