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Oh, My

It's not fit to print, but Sarah Silverman just made the most shocking "Paris Hilton Goes To Jail" joke at the MTV Movie Awards with Paris Hilton sitting in the audience. [Edit: Actual screen shot above.] At the moment the cameras cut to Paris, it might qualify as the most uncomfortable moment in the history of TV ever.

I'll wait for the YouTube.Com clip to link (but I think MTV might be owned by Viacom which means there won't be any YouTube.Com clips.)

Edit: Thanks to a buddy for texting me that the video can be found here.

Edit #2: On here.


Anonymous said...

Well, the audio cut out about halfway through. Maybe Silverman said something funny after that but nothing she said even brought a smile to my face.

What is it with all of these comedians, Silverman, Mencia, Dane Cook, that just are not funny?

If you're going to slam someone like that at least be funny.

mzchief said...

Sarah Silverman MUST have sucked because she made Paris, within hours of the awards program, run directly to the L.A. correction facility and turn herself in so she could IMMEDIATELY begin her jail term.
Ron (Tatter Salad) White would have been a GREAT host for the MTV Movie Awards.

WRSDemon said...

Saying the bars are going to have a penis painted on them and that she hopes Paris doesn't chip her teeth, I admit that wasn't a particularly funny joke but DAYUM!!!! the look it garnered was HILARIOUS!!!!

bgirl said...

I love that they panned to Jack and the look on his face was so awesome they had to show it again.

TXsharon said...

Cruelty is not funny.

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious. TxSheehan, I have one word for you, Exlax.

Anonymous said...

Here is the entire monologue.