Things I Don't Understand

I try to occasionally click over to watch the most Evil Person Ever, Nancy Grace, a "former prosecutor" who has a show on CNN.

Well, lo and behold, tonight I check on her and I'm shocked to see the parents and boyfriend of murder victim Kelsey Smith. For those of you who haven't followed the case, she was the young girl from Kansas who was abducted from a Target store parking lot last weekend. Her dead body was found yesterday. A suspect was arrested today.

If your daughter is missing, I understand trying to get in front of every camera possible so as to try and help find her. But one day after she is found dead in a bunch of trees, you want to go on Nancy Grace's show for a freakin' interview? Incredible. I'd be in my bed crying. And don't give me that crap about how people "grieve differently." No one grieves by being miked up and talking to stage directors in an ear piece.