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The Rare Woman Execution

Next week, Texas' machinery of death will execute a female. A fairly rare occurrence.

She committed a horrible crime of killing a child (well, at least a jury convicted her of that so I hope it's true), but she had no criminal history whatsoever. Oddly, a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Texas' highest criminal court held that a different lady should not be put to death without any other evidence that she would be a continuing threat to society.

Unfairness? I can only recall the words of former Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, writing in 1994 as he was about to retire from the Court, that "From this day forward, I no longer shall tinker with the machinery of death. For more than 20 years I have develop...rules that would lend more than the mere appearance of fairness to the death penalty endeavor...Rather than continue to coddle the court's delusion that the desired level of fairness has been achieved...I feel...obligated simply to concede that the death penalty experiment has failed."

Those words were haunting the first time I read them. Thirteen years later, things are no better.


Anonymous said...

Bottom line...many believe God will provide final judgment. How do some mortals assume that they must take care of God's business for him?

Anonymous said...

us Wise County RightWingers and others across in Real Conservative States like to always say: Kill'em all, let God sort'em out!
Hell, don't even need a trial sometime if it just looks like or sounds like they are guilty as all gitout. To show that my Right Wing Leaning is fair and balanced, just like Faux news, we can always help with the last meal. If the convicted is of color, or here illegally, we can save the cost of a meal!!!!!! Lynch Mobs should be legal!!!! Afterall, it worked well for the NAZIS! I feel like I am a cousin with them or something. No, don't mean that, I can't speak a word of
German other than Kraut or Weiner, am just saying that I am that real NAZI type Conservative. HHHHheeeeeeeHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIiii!!!! RIGHT WINGERS RULE!!!!!!!
But, we will not Say Heil! or any such nonsense. But, go KKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody has to take up the slack! Your Right Wingers are either With us Bigots, or with the minorities, which is where you really don't want to be.
Wise County is a leader in Bigotry. Condi, you are welcome here, but be gone before dark.

Ted said...

I wonder if it makes a difference that the earlier story you referenced involved a mother taking the life of her own child, whereas Cathy Henderson killed a child she was babysitting.

There's a story referenced on instapundit about a babysitter who might be charged criminally for the deaths of two kids under her care while she fell asleep babysitting them. The kids left the house and drowned in a fishpond behind the house while she napped.

The facts are somewhat involved (she had been out late the night before), but I wonder if a parent would be charged criminally under the same circumstances.

Anonymous said...

An eye for an eye .

Anonymous said...

Barry, I take it from your tone that you are opposed, in principle, to the death penalty. Well, ask yourself just how many people with seriously contaminated gene pools we can afford to maintain, for life? It seems to be getting more expensive all the time, due to the huge demand in this country to lock up druggies, drunks, speeders(who can't pay absurd fines) and just about anyone else who can't afford a good lawyer? No, the system is broken in too many ways to maintain, at everyone' expense, people who kill. Or are we on about the fact that she's a she? That's out of bounds too. Do her and get on with other business. 100 years from now no one will know the difference.

Anonymous said...

10:07 Wise County is not a leader in Bigotry and I can't remember the last anyone was executed for committing murder here. Probably deserved it but I can't remember it happening.

Perhaps you may be unhappy about recent decisions of the Commissioners to deny illegal immigrants up to $30,000 a year in clinical health care. Medical providers who provide indigent care are reimbursed at a low rate, the same as medicaid.

Making fun of consevatives doesn't help your agenda.

If you want to point out how right-wingers are pro-life but have no problems with executions, then you are talking about an issue instead of degrading a group of people who live in Wise County.

Painting all of Wise County with a broad brush as Bigots only reveals your contempt for others.

Anonymous said...

If the act of a couple of people executing someone can be called "God's business" being done...then how can we not also think that murdering someone is also accomplishing "God's business"...this time at the hands of a killer, not an executioner? And if that's the case, why is murder punishable at all? Why is it a "failed experiment" or "awful" to sentence someone to death when their victims got no such thought? Murder victims get the death sentence 100 percent of the time, and a fair number are people like 18-year old girls who get dumped in a field.

mzchief said...

How can ANYONE believe there is a FAIR method for a society's government to determine who among its citizens should be KILLED? HOW does a society that so eagerly claims to strive for "fairness" justify killing the children of parents who have committed NO offense against the state?

Think about this, WHAT crime could a PARENT commit that is so heinous they deserve to have their child KILLED by the government?

As for the argument that it costs too MUCH to keep alive someone's child when that child is a convicted felon, what price is too much to keep alive a parent's child who is in a persistent vegetative state?

It is UNCIVILIZED for a society to grant consent to its government to KILL the children of the society.

Anonymous said...

10:51 - I hope you're never falsely accused of murder, then convicted of same by an over-aggressive D.A. who conceals evidence supporting your defense, and just before your execution get to read about how your gene pool is contaminated anyway and how nobody will care in a century.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll take my chances on that. The odds seem to be overwhelmingly in my favor, especially IF I don't commit murder.

Anonymous said...

Geez, what a bunch of bleeding heart democrats, ESPECIALLY MZCRAP-

Anonymous said...

mz-doof, what the hell does "Think about this, WHAT crime could a PARENT commit that is so heinous they deserve to have their child KILLED by the government?" mean?

TXsharon said...

State sponsored murder.

Our tax dollars at work.

mzchief said...

To anonyNOTHING 10:20...
When the government KILLS a convicted felon it is KILLING the child of a parent who has NOT committed a crime of such magnitude they deserve to have THEIR child KILLED. Incidentally, there is NO crime a parent could commit that would REQUIRE their child be KILLED.

My point being that KILLING a convicted felon is the equivalent to FOREVER punishing an INNOCENT parent for the crimes committed by their child.

If you had EVER lost a child YOU would know the relentless bone searing agony and endless heart wrenching pain a parent carries with them FOREVER and would NEVER be a party to ANYONE inflicting such anguish on ANOTHER human.

WHY would a society that BELIEVES itself to be "fair" INTENTIONALLY create MORE innocent victims to RIGHT a WRONG?

One MORE thing, do you HONESTLY believe that the government has NEVER "put to death"/MURDERED a "wrongfully convicted"/ INNOCENT person? So just how do YOU feel about YOUR government MURDERING INNOCENT people on YOUR BEHALF? Before you puff up with SOME lame diatribe of "If they were so innocent they would not have been found guilty in the first place." STOP and THINK about it being YOU or YOUR child being WRONGFULLY MURDERED by YOUR government and THEN decide how JIGGY you are with the government KILLING people on YOUR BEHALF.

Gleemonex said...

Retarded people, children (at the time of their crimes), people whose lawyers spent parts of their trial ASLEEP -- these are all fair game for the executioner these days. Yup, them there is a justly-administered ding-dang system.

Everything's cool -- go back to watching Fox News, nothin to see here.

Anonymous said...

What a disertation! I guess then, under your lame logic, that if a parent were to "agonize" over their child being in prison, we should not lock them up either?. How stoooopid is that. "My child was convicted of kidnapping and murdering a child, but I can't stand the thought of him going to prison." Oh, ok then, we'll turn him loose. God help us.

Anonymous said...

Mxchief, you and gleemonezx and your ilk really get on my nerves!

First of all, after a person is convicted and sentenced to die, there are appeals one right after the other, all the way to the US Supreme Court.
Secondly, the person who was murdered in the first place had no rights whatsoever, were (usually) INNOCENT victims. Perhaps there is an innocent person executed on occasion, although it would be a real stretch, IN SPITE of what you libs see on TV shows. When a person is convicted to die, the state has had to meet certain statutory requirements before they can seek the death penalty, right? No, I would never want an inncent person convicted of a crime they didn't commit, but the victims of the crimes were 100 PERCENT sentenced to die for no reason.

LIve your life right, stay out of trouble, and maybe you won't get convicted of a crime...otherwise, I think it's the best - perhaps only - deterrent to heinous crimes we have. Of course, you liberals want to treat criminals like you do terrorists: "Maybe we can be nice to them and they won't do anything else wrong."
Y'all REALLY get on my nerves!

Gorilla said...

Is she also guilty of sportin' a femullet?

mzchief said...

To anonyNOTHING 12:20...
There is a VAST difference between a parent not being able to at WILL see/touch their child than for their child to have been KILLED by their government.

If YOU are INCAPABLE of UNDERSTANDING the difference then you are destined to FOREVER be among those people who MISTAKENLY believe it is NOBLE and "FAIR" for a government to KILL citizens within its society.

TXsharon said...

How Many Innocent People Executed Is "Too" Many?

"Since 1973, 111 people waiting execution on death row have been released because they are actually innocent. That means 111 could have been wrongly executed in our names."
Signs Grow of Innocent People Being Executed, Judge Says

"In the past decade, substantial evidence has emerged to demonstrate that innocent individuals are sentenced to death, and undoubtedly executed, much more often than previously understood," the judge, Mark L. Wolf of Federal District Court in Boston

Isn't there a book from which many of you love to quote that says: "Thou shalt not kill"?


Anonymous said...

TX Sharon

It means that the system worked for those 111 people who didn't die innocently. That is the purpose for all the appeals. They could have died but they didn't.

Mz Cheese

You always are way off subject with any substantial debate. Who cares that people who are executed are someone's child. No crap they had to get in society some way. Stupid statement.

If people are willing to commit crimes where the death penalty is a punishment then those dumb bas***ds deserve to die. The only problem is that the people who they killed didn't get a fair trial or an option to live. That is the injustice.

Anonymous said...

I am as far to the right as you can get but I can't reconcile my Pro-Life beliefs with the death penalty. The death penalty is not a deterrent and it costs much more to execute someone than it does to keep them in prison for life. The only reason for the death penalty is revenge. When I realized that, the death penalty no longer seemed right. Ask yourself this....if someone was sentenced to die for a crime that had nothing to do with any family member or anyone you knew, could you push the plunger on the syringe? I couldn't and I hope no one I know could. Life in prison seems retribution enough to me.

Ted said...

Cathy Henderson was given a reprieve today.