The Campaign For DA


Two Things . . .

. . . people ask me about that I'm not particularly interested in:

The Daytona 500 (lots of cheatin' goin' on there, hoss)


Contaminated Peanut Butter (everyone I know has discovered a half eaten jar with the dreaded 2111 product code in their house - including my office - and not one of them has become ill.)


Anonymous said...

I had a jar and I am suing! Will you represent me?

Anonymous said...

Choosey muthuas choose Jif! I am safe

Anonymous said...

Well, I wondered what was going on with my 83 YO dad just a while back. Vomiting, runny poop, high fever - we quarantined him so he wouldn't infect all the rest of us, all of us had gotten our flu shots, since he's old, he doesn't go anywhere to pick up viruses, we washed everything down with bleach (my mom's 80 and bedridden, so we had to be extremely careful, washed our hands, washed our hands, washed our hands, etc.,) and none of us got sick.

So I read that stuff about the recall, checked the cupboard and sure enough we had one of the 2111's. The timing is about right - it was about 2/3rd's gone . We sent the cap off to ConAgra today - my Dad will be obsessing until he gets his $3.97 back from ConAgra. And, I'll bet they don't refund the two 39 cents stamps back it cost us to mail it to them. I did include a polite note explaining our experience.

We'll see - I'm glad my Dad didn't have to go to the hospital, otherwise, I might be hiring you B, or I might call Mack in Gainesville. Know him?

Anonymous said...

Law suits are popping up everywhere. What's a company to do? After discovering there was a problem, the advertised the recall as best they could. Do you want a product sensor on all items so they know where it went so they could contact you directly? Some would scream about invasion of their privacy by big corporations.

comment4U said...

I thought of this post earlier tonight at a family birthday party in Longview. Sweet in-law Grandma asked if anyone had any of that "awful WalMart peanut butter that's been on the news?"

I thought to myself, "Nope [I'm a Jif'er too, 5:42], but Barry's office sure is wound tight with worry...."


wordkyle said...

Blame the lawyers for the excitement. I debated whether to go ahead and let my kids eat the peanut butter -- on the one hand I get my $8 back (I had 4 jars), on the other hand if one of them got sick from it I could sue for millions.

I could sure use the money. And it's not like I have just one kid.

Anonymous said...

Evidently we all had the peanut butter --I made my husband a PB&J sandwich today....Sometimes it is the little things you take joy in.......He shouldn't of been mean about the dogs in the house!