The Campaign For DA


Good Grief

Historically, a candidate - at the earliest - will announce his candidacy for a local race after Labor Day. Did I miss summer?

Edit: I normally post almost any and all comments but I've got to be careful on this one. Yep, I've got double standards.

Edit #2: Other courthouse stuff I stumbled upon. PDF file.


mzchief said...

To Barry...
Rather than "double standards" I would say YOU, my friend exhibit (from time to time) a KEEN sense of SELF-preservation.
Only a mad dog or an IDIOT bites the hand that feeds them.

Anonymous said...

Barry, are you saying either our county attorney or distric DA would hold personal grudges?

And what does that say?

Anonymous said...

I'm really bothered by the average commute time of 33.3 minutes.We need to work on this issue.