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There's No Kid Busting His Butt On A Sidewalk . . .

. . . or anything like that, but I think this clip is significant. First, it is the first time I ever recall any Texas legislative committee hearing ending up on (The legislature's web site has hour and hours of footage but who wants to watch all that crap?). Maybe we'll finally get some insight into the fact the Jane Nelsons of the world don't know what they are doing. Secondly, this clip is pretty funny. The chairperson is Ric Williamson who is in charge of TxDOT. (He also used to represent Wise County in the House.) The guy speaking is Sen. John Carona who wants Ric to give him an appointment this week. He wants one really badly. Ric ain't so hospitable. Good times. Edit: Someone sent me this link as well.