Boring Legal Junk

The Dallas Morning News did a series last year on 18-wheeler safety. I didn't know that the paper, on its web site, placed the full trial transcript (now called the "Reporter's Record") of a wrongful death trial that occurred in the district court in Wise County. It's not the most exciting reading in the world, but I'm certain its the first time such documentation has ever been published on the web. (Lots of local lawyers were involved in it.)

Go here and look on the right side if you are so inclined. (Lots of other good Wise County stuff on the page.)

But I'm not sure what court reporter Jeff Goodwyn thinks about all of this. If I were to call him up and ask for a transcript of a trial, he'd charge me a fee. (Heck, I paid a court reporter in Fort Worth for the transcript of an expert witness just the other day.) But now anyone can just log on to the DMN web site and download the transcript for free?