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Decatur v. Clyde

I don't care about girl's basketball but I am curious what the score is. What?

Oh, faithful readers of The Blog, come to my aid.

(Picture stolen from one of the krillion of pictures here.)


Anonymous said...

clyde 48, decatur 31

one and done

*by the way, bridgeport didnt play tonight. oh wait, they didnt make the playoffs

Anonymous said...

Bridgeport and playoffs - the definition of oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

Dang right! Go Bulldogs!!

Anonymous said...

uhhuh, i think i told ya'll yesterday, this wasn't going to be pretty.
was AW or DT there? thought they might go to get som e coaching tips. but oh wait, it was way over their head.

Anonymous said...

i believe BISD saved several gallons of diesel. so you see, they are the real winners!
poor decatur.