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Any Bets . . .

. . .on whether this teen beats down her classmates with her sanctimonious attitude? "Declaring . . . unclean?" Sheesh.

(DMN Letters to the Editor.)


Anonymous said...

I have a 9 yr old daughter I am not sure how I feel if this shot should be madatory. To me it is not at all a sex related issue. Personally I have not read the information on the shot to know the long term effects, but before it is time I will become educated about the vaccine. If it will possibly save my daughter from cancer and not produce unwanted side effects then I will happliy protect her. For those people that think that we should teach waiting of course we should but be honest how many of you waited for marriage. In my opinion some out there are holding their children to unrealistic standards that they were not able to reach. Sure it would be a nice little world if all children were perfect angels, but come on. My kids are great, love them so much would know what to do without them but they are not perfect.

TXsharon said...

Right now, the vaccine contains aluminum and some vials contain mercury.

Sometimes STDs are a result of rape and or incest and not because two people blah, blah...

Anonymous said...

And some guy (an airline steward, as best I remember, with a first name of Gayton - ha!) had sex with a monkey, or had sex with someone who had sex with a monkey - hence AIDS occurred, supposedly.

Shiate - those little viruses will be the dearth of us all, eventually, supposedly, unless you believe in evolution. Some will survive, some won't. Even in the new War of the Worlds, viruses killed the aliens.

I have apprehensions about the vaccine, since it has not been tested that long - remember the thalidomide babies?

I would consider it, but not until it was further tested, or my girl (if I had one - I only have an adult son - thank goodness, these days!)was older than what the mandate is proposing.

I think it stinks - I think Gov. Goodhair is getting some payola - but, sadly, we will never be able to prove it.

It should be a CHOICE, not a MANDATE.

That's my 50 cents worth for now.

Anonymous said...

Some of you insist that your little girl is pristine. Well, the dudes she might have sex with, including her eventual husband, might carry the virus. Then the little dear will pay for your reluctance to protect her. She may question your avoidance of this vaccine as she undergoes chemo and other vile treatments that - MIGHT - cure her.

Anonymous said...

How many of you have STDs? How many of your grown kids or parents or siblings or other loved ones have STDs? Nobody, right? So why knock parents or young adults who feel STDs can be avoided and therefore this shot is not needed? My guess is that a majority of people commenting that parents are foolish to think their daughter can avoid STDs have themselves managed to avoid them. So why can't others?

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? Global hot air is gonna kill us all. And it doesn't contain aluminum or mercury.

TXsharon said...

7:52 Governor 39% has already taken $6,000 from Merck. I'm sure more will be forthcoming. Many vaccines still contain thalidomide. I talked to a nurse who has given the vaccine and she said that some of the vials list thalidomide as an ingredient. All list aluminum.

9:10 If she gets brain damage from the thalidomide (which contains mercury) and aluminum or some of the other health issues caused by this vaccine, she might have something to say about that as well.

When you have your children or yourselves vaccinated always ask for single dose vials because they have less tendency to contain mercury or thalidomide. Ask what is in the vaccine and how it is preserved.

Buck said...

The only women not at risk are nuns or chaste virgins who marry a chaste virgin man.

HPV is not like HIV. You can test a mate for HIV.

With HPV, there is no way to know.

The reason it's mandatory is so the state can pay for it.

Anybody can choose to skip it if they are sure their daughter is headed for the nunnery.