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Google Needs To Work On Its Text Parsing

I have a google news alert sent up for several local officials in the county. It is supposed to send me fresh news stories, but I often get a bunch of old ones. The above screenshot s is what I received today about Sheriff David Walker. That first one made me do a double take. But, rest assured, our Sheriff is still above reproach. (Link to that first story is here.)

Edit: A couple of comments haven't made it through the very detailed screening process. First, you can't call him that in a family friendly forum. And, sir, those Channel 4 reporter rumors need to be documented with seedy photographs.


Anonymous said...

Hell I want to have sex with the Sheriff,,,,,he is hot!

Anonymous said...

I hear or should I say, I KNOW that the Sheriff is officialy single. Wonder if he will hook up with Britney.....probably not now that she has shaved her head?

Anonymous said...

Sheriff sighting #1 as a single man:
I saw the Sheriff and a blonde at Sundance Square in the last 24 hours. The lady was hot and I bet was NOT from Wise County. I have seen her before on TV but cannot remember what show or channel. Can anyone help me.

Anonymous said...

The Sheriff needs to get out in public more! I see him on the news with his Fox 4 babe and never around Decatur or Bridgeport