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Amazing maps (using Google Maps - some in 3D) that show the path of James Kim (see blog from yesterday). Be sure to click on the links at the bottom.

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Anonymous said...

For the record you Wise Guys, I am 9:25PM from the "Reflective" post, not the other 9:25 or other a-holes that got blasted in that other blog post.

Thanks, B, for this link - it is so sad to see Mr. Kim's trail of death from so many satellite perspectives. They reminded me of what I said in my first post. Mr. Kim should not have left his car/family in the first place.....his family was found, and he ended up dead. And, as the sat photos show, he was so close to where he started from. It's freakin', friggin', frickin' (whatever), strange.

Folks....don't leave your car if you ever find yourself in that situation, unless you are a lawyer named Jerry, and find yourself down a ravine on a Palo Pinto County road with a stick sticking thru your neck. Holy shiate.

The world is a fascinating place, ain't it?