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So I'm reading an article about a divorce case being argued before the Texas Supreme Court yesterday and I just had to share (although it's hard not to take my eyes off of her very strange outfit):

AUSTIN — David and Suzanne Saperstein aren't the first couple to take a fight about alimony to the Texas Supreme Court. But they definitely are one of the richest . . . .

David, 66, became a billionaire building a company that reported on traffic snarls. [Edit: Huh? You can get rich off of that?]

Suzanne, 45, [Edit: 22 years younger? Hey, now!] loves haute couture [Edit: I don't even know what that is] and lives in Los Angeles, where the couple's 45,000-square-foot French-style chateau was the subject of a seven-page spread in the April 2002 issue of Vanity Fair. [Edit: That, my friends, is one big house.]

In her legal brief, Suzanne said she was surprised in July 2005 when David lured her out of the family's Gulfstream jet [Edit: Kill me] when it landed in Houston for a stopover on the way to Europe [Edit: Double kill me]. He said he wanted to talk about some serious issues regarding the children; once outside the plane he had her served with divorce papers.


Anonymous said...

And she didn't see it coming.

Collectionsite said...

Barry ... Think you had problems with your ex wives? Now this is a problem :)