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I Hope He Doesn't Make It Past The Iowa Caucus

If you want to know why probable 2008 presidential candidate Sen. Sam Brownback spent last night in prison (voluntarily) click here. I normally wouldn't mention such trivial media grandstanding had he not caught my attention about a month ago when he was on ABC's This Week. There I learned that the senator had blocked the nomination of Janet T. Neff to the federal bench because she had attended a gay wedding. Hey, she didn't get married to a woman, she just showed up to watch it. Sheesh. He's from Kansas. And I bet he is very uncomfortable once he leaves Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Angola Prison Rodeo - rocks. You hit the nail on the head, B - "trivial media grandstanding". Too bad some lifer didn't knife him. They wouldn't have had anything to loose, just a few more hundred years on their sentence, and they would have spared us this yee-haw's lame attempt at running for the Presidency.

Anonymous said...

What a loser. Trying to spread the word of God. Doesn't he know that lie isn't selling with liberals anymore?

Anonymous said...

Liberals make me sick. Barry you seem like a nice guy, how can you be so off on some of your thoughts? Did your mom drop you on your head when you were a baby?