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Gadget Crazy

I finally figured out that I could add a storage card to my phone and load it up with MP3s and Podcasts (I'm the only person I know who actually downloads podcasts and listens to them). Not to be out done, I even figured out how to put a client's DWI videotape on the phone and watch it. (I showed a few seconds of it to four people I come in contact with on a weekly basis - trust me, they have access to the tape anyway - and three of the four simply said "You're such a nerd" and walked away.) And then today, an Internet purchase of wireless bluetooth stereo headsets arrived. The things are cool. When I was a kid, the only new invention was a microwave oven. And the phone is a Cingular 8125 which I bought at a local Cingular store. I really had no idea what I could do when I bought it because my old phone simply died and I needed a replacement.