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An Update On The Death In Wise County

Based upon my conversation with the High Sheriff, this is what I learned (if there are any mistakes, they are mine and not his): The Sheriff's office received a 911 call on Thursday night at about 11:55 p.m. The caller stated that they had an unresponsive male at the residence. When the fire department and the medics arrived, they began CPR. While all that was going on, it was learned that the 21 year old male had reportedly been "huffing" gas at a well site in the Oliver Creek area. (FM 4221). Once on the scene, medics and the fire department continued CPR and transported the guy to the hospital, where he was subsequently pronounced dead. The deputies were able to locate witnesses and some of those that that may be possibly involved in the huffing. They allegedly crossed a fence onto a Devon well site (gas) and climbed to the top of a tank. According to witnesses,the deceased was huffing and then became unconscious. He was then carried to his residence and 911 was called. The sheriff's office is awaiting autopsy reports and will continue to investigate. At this point, there is no evidence of foul play.