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Video Fun

(1) I think this could be a Wise County bar. (Did I meet my sixth wife in that place?) (2) And I don't think this is good parenting. (3) The Euless Trinity pre-gama Haka dance scares the crap out of me.


Anonymous said...

You should have been at the Decatur Senior Pep Rally when the Senior Players Moms did the Haka Dance, it was great...they had Euless Trinity 2005 Graduate Ritchie Kautai that started the Haka Dance come and lead them in the Haka Dance and then to end the pep rally, he did the Haka Dance with the Varsity Players. PRICELESS!! Go Decatur!

Anonymous said...

Is that Sherry Rogers!!!!

Anonymous said...

That bar is in Haslet , It's called The Quarterhorse Saloon. I could tell the dancing cowboy was from Wise co. because his teeth were falling out and he liked fat,ugly chicks. Furthermore he was buying meth from that cop. That's why they sit in the both all night. Oh and yes that is Hairy Sherry.