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A Moment Of Reflection

This blogging stuff is silly. But in looking around the Internet for funny and insightful stuff, I stumbled across someone doing pretty much the same thing I do. He calls his blog "Bag Of Nothing" which is a phrase stolen from the radio station The Ticket. It simply means there's nothing exciting going on in one's life. Someone will ask me "What's going on?" and sometimes I'll reply "I got a big bag of nothing." The name of his blog amused me enough to check in on it frequently. It was good stuff. I would steal from it left and right. He'd do the same. It was a mutual respect. But let me change directions. About five days ago he abruptly wrote that his mother had fallen down a set of stairs and wasn't doing well. Frankly, although we are strangers, we ended up exchanging a couple of emails over the last couple of days. And then tonight I learn that his mother had passed away. The Internet is a strange world. I don't know my real next door neighbor, but I know my cyber-neighbor, Keith, the creater of And I don't feel silly at all for shedding a few tears for his grief tonight.