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With ESPN and Fox Sports, I've become beaten down by all the overly-produced, glossy, epic video productions I see. More and more videos are showing up on that are simply home-movie-quality clips taken by fans in the stands. I love 'em. Like this one which captures the block of a potential game winning field goal by South Carolina at Florida this week. (The same place I visited a couple of months ago.)


mzchief said...

No! No! No!
YouTube is intended to be used to ONLY watch things such as T.V. bloopers, crazy kids, wacky pets, UFOs and stupid human tricks. Oh, wait! Football is a stupid human trick!


Barry, I know you are happiest during football season but I HAD to type THAT.


Anonymous said...

Shut up, mzchief.

Anonymous said...

take your shirt off mizchief

Anonymous said...

Mzchief, amongst all the perverts and illiterates that post here, you manage to somehow be the most annoying person on this blog. Bolding words does not make you cool, it does not make you funny, and it does not make your comments more effective. Instead, you look like an idiot for putting *SMuG GRiN* and *GiGGLeS* as if to tell us, "Hey, look how witty I am! I laugh at my own jokes!" Please, please stop. And please, quit typing in alternating upper and lower case letters. It's not cute when teeny-boppers do it, and it's especially not cute when you do it.

Anonymous said...

2:06 - I agree.

Anonymous said...

leave your shirt on, mz

Anonymous said...

2:06 - What makes you think she gives a shit what you think, dumbass?

HeLL, I THink i'LL tyPe thaT wAY jUsT to PiSs You OFF.


anonymouse said...

ThIs PlAcE rEaKs Of AnOnYmOuS bItTeR jEaLoUsY, bItChEs.