The Campaign For DA


I'm So Mad That I Missed . . .

. . . Celebrity Jeopardy last week. Nancy Grace, my most hated person in the history of ever, was on the show competing against Regis Philbin and some guy from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. I looked on The Google and found this snippet (from another blog) regarding the results: Grace, whose smile is a perpetual sneer and whose Southern accent quickly becomes even more annoying escaping from it, did show a little bit of likeability when she said she objected to the audience and that they were sucking up to Regis. In the end, Regis won by one dollar. Nancy Grace came in third, proving once again that sometimes, good does indeed triumph over dark, horrible, retching, unfathomable evil. The Democrats win the Senate and the House. Rumsfeld resigns. Britney gets divorced . . . . All in the space of 48 hours. It's as if God has woken up and all is right in the world.