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If you want to see a precinct by precinct break down of last week's election, local Republican Chairman D.A. Sharpe tells me they are posted here.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Sharpe looks pretty sharp in his tuxedo. Is that what he wears every day?

Mary Mack said...

The creator of those spreadsheets should really know how to spell the candidate's names. Especially the local candidates!

Melton not Milton
Sherry Coursey...not Courtsey

Anonymous said...

It didn't even say anything about A.E.'s or Niggers.

Anonymous said...

Nothing says quality and integrity more than a site done in FrontPage.

Anonymous said...

10:04 - I kinda feel sorry for folks who have to keep up with those who have multiple names. What's with that anyway?

Next the dog and cat's names will be included.

Anonymous said...

Only if the animal is an AE.