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Oh, My

Abilene Wylie 36 Decatur 35 (Box Score) It looks like the last score was Abilene Wylie's 39 yard field goal, but I don't know how much time was left on the clock when that happened.


m&m said...

One second.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wished I had been at that game! Sounds excited! But then I would've wanted to be a fan of the winning team!

Anonymous said...

The game was excited.

coach said...

Those young men should still hold their heads up. They had a fine year.

Anonymous said...

you suck, coach. thanks for letting us down again.

SkidRow said...

Whose us? annoy 1:44. Are you playing? I'm sure you would have pulled the old statue of liberty play, and won the game. "Back in 1980 I could throw a football over that mountain. If coach would have put me in, we would have won state". Go get'em Uncle Ricco!

Anonymous said...

Just think how far Decatur could have gone with Henson as coach!

Anonymous said...

with henson as coach, decatur goes 2-8


xocheeta said...

Our boys played hard. We were all proud of them AND all of the coaches. Many boys will be back next year. Decatur will be strong.

Anonymous 1:44 reminds me of Al Bundy in "Married with Children."

Anonymous said...

congrats to the players 10-0 - what more could you ask for - I am totally proud of them

Anonymous said...

Way to go Decatur. You have accomplished in 2 years what Bridgeport accomplished in 1.

3 trophies!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Decatur choked one more time. It doesn't matter if you go 10-0 when you can't win 1 playoff game. You could go 5-5, win 2 games in the playoffs and have a better year.

Besides that it was probably the year for Decatur to go to the State Championship Game with the playoff schedule lining up in their favor. The next game would have been against teams with losing records out of West Texas and probably the game after that also. The Semi-Finale would have been tough except for Gilmore losing.

Also I heard the entire stands, with the exception of a few, were singing "Hey Hey Hey Goodbye." That makes the loss even more beautiful.

Anonymous said...

It took 5 years for Decatur to do what Bridgeport did in 1 year..............Lose 8 games.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:04

If you will go to the wise county page and click on the football archives you can verify the following information for the past 10 years.

Bridgeport has made the playoffs 7 times while Decatur 5 times.

Bridgeport has 8 playoff wins Decatur 6

Bridgeport has won 4 playoff games in one year and Decatur 2

If you go back 4 more seasons when Henson first arrived the stats get worse for Decatur compared to Bridgeport. Unfortunately I can't verify the exact numbers and I don't want to take the time to find them.

Also it is easy for me to admit that I believe Decatur has had a good team the last couple of years while Bridgeport has not had the same fortune. Whether you like it or not it will always go in cycles and these coaches are depending on 16, 17, and 18 year old kids to carry out their game plan. The same kids that won't clean their room or turn in their homework. Get off the coach's and support the team or give up your 40 hr/wk job to take over. It is easy to coach from the stands when you don't even know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:05.

i love your slanted statistics. why dont you compare the two schools while both coaches were at the helm. bridgeport has been going down hill since the day story got to decatur. i wish we had him in bridgeport because he has left his impression on ALL sports.
but speaking of football. henson has been there 17 years and has three district titles. story has been in decatur 7 years and has won five already. the man gets the job done and gets the best of the limited talent he has. bridgeport has had three division I football players the last 3 years, and decatur has had none. yet, the eagles own bridgeport with subpar talent.
there is no cycle in bridgeport. the football program has declined every year for the last 4 years. two of the last three years were finished the regular season with 3 wins one year and 2 this year, and this is with the same amount of talent as decatur.
so please, dont try to make bridgeport look like some great program compared to decatur, because it is far from it. story has made our coaching staff look stupid the last 4 years in the battle of big sandy, and its embarassing.
someone mentioned going 10-0 isnt any good when you lose in the first round. its a whole lot better than 2-8 im sure, but since we are so bad, i wouldnt know. well, when you lose to a team like abilene wylie, that is nothing to hang your head about.
decatur has lost to abilene wylie and gainesville in the playoffs the last three years. bridgeport has not played ANY of them, so once again, your comparison is dumb. we played three weak teams in the playoffs last year, and then lost to monahans, and monahans was no good either. one of the worst defenses i saw all year, which is why they got beat after beating bridgeport because we could not convert any of our seven point-after tries.
great coaching, im sure.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:48am from Anon 3:05

I don't think the statistics are slanted b/c I took them directly off a link from and they are based on years not years with a certain coach. If you want to take the first five years of Story's coaching career at Decatur and compare them to the first five years of Henson's career at Bridgeport you will find they are strikingly similar.

You also assume that I like Henson but the truth is I despised the man when I played for him and nothing has changed. However I do believe he has been successful at his job no matter how much people do or don't like him. Also he has been here since 1993 and that doesn't add up to 17 years.

Your statements also lead me to believe that your are one of those dumb ass parents who think they know more about football than the coaches do. You probably try to send in plays from the stands, tell your child to do it differently than the way he has been taught by the coaches, and all kinds of other crap that come from people who probably have never played a down of football. If you have played football surely you could realize that Decatur has not had subpar talent in quite some time, that Bport played a majority of its games without the starting QB, RB, or WR, and that talent always comes in cycles in the smaller schools typically 3A and below.

Can you kick a field goal? I can't and people would tell you that I am pretty athletic. I lettered in football my sophmore year, football basketball and baseball my junior and senior years. I can't come close to kicking a field goal consistently even an extra point.

To put an end to this I believe Story and Henson are both good coaches and the idiotic parents screw up the rivalry between the two towns. Nothing is better for a player than to step out on the field with both sides of the stadium packed and nothing is better for a true fan than to watch kids play beyond their talent level b/c the stakes are so high. Then you have to listen to all the stupid people like yourself ruin it for most people.

Anonymous said...

its crap how we were 1 freaken point behind !!!!! it SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

story has won more district titles in 7 years than henson has won in more tha a decade. story is a proven winner, henson has only manged first 3 times. those to men do not even compare.
and henson a smart coach? have you not seen the last three battle og big sandy games? henson and his staff have been coached out of the stadium. football smart or not, every parent in the stadium knows decatur is going to exploit the middle of the bridgeport secondary where brideport has NOT defend in 3 year. that is defense 101.
i think its funny how year after year bridgeport gets outcoached. halftime adjusts are a beautiful thing, and thats what coaches are paid to do.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you need to go back to English 101.

Anonymous said...

i bet my daddy can whip your daddy

Anonymous said...

b-port talent level is way below decatur. b-port has been outmanned in every position the last 4 years.
i think both coaches do a good job. maybe they make mistakes , maybe they could do better sometimes , but both are good coaches. you better be glad you have em.